AND THEN I MET JON STEWART – Part 1 (Spoiler: He Shows Up to Our Rehearsal)

Friday, August 19th, 2016
My letter to Jon Stewart

(My thank you card to Jon Stewart)

My head is exploding. It happened on Thursday, and even still, I still don’t know what to say.

Jon Stewart is my new best friend. (That sentence isn’t really true, but the rest of this post is.)

I’ve wanted to meet Jon Stewart forever and a day. (Okay, actually, again, that can’t even technically be true because I didn’t know who he was when I was a baby. Also, forever and a day is not a real measure of time… But still, you’re getting the gist of what’s true and what isn’t, right?)

So, I go down to rehearsal. (After all, that is where we left off yesterday).

Jon is supposed to get there at 5:15. I consider bringing his thank you card down to rehearsal. “You never know. He might be way super early.” Then I was doing some running around the building for various stuff, and trying to get something finished before I ran down. So, I just thought, “Forget the card! Get down there!”

In the script, it says that Jon will come out and the audience will go wild.

This is hilarious to me, because we’re just stating that they are going to go wild – ’cause we good and well know they are. (It’s Jon America’s-sweetheart Stewart.)

In the rehearsal, our head writer, Michael, is playing Jon.

I almost never have my phone camera going when rehearsal’s happening because I don’t need to. Sometimes cool, interesting, funny (and of course, never-makes-it-to-air) stuff happens. But what am I gonna do with all that video? I want to just sit and enjoy it, so I do…

Except today.

I honestly do not think Jon Stewart is coming. (No one does.) But one of the crew members informed our EP before rehearsal that they’d set up the dropbox above Larry to have tampons in it and some other old stuff, and they wondered if he wanted them to drop the box for the fun of it.

“Sure, after Michael comes out as Jon, go ahead and drop it. Why not?” he replies.

So, I grab my phone to try to get a fun last day video of Larry being kinda pranked.

And sure enough… Michael comes out as John… but then(!), he gets this look in his eye as it catches something (or someone?) behind a wall. And Jon Stewart himself surprises all of us!


And of course(!) we go insane (just like it says in the script).

He came in, said hey to Larry, and the first thing he said when he addressed us as a group was, “I hope you guys know, you did a hell of a f*cking show.”

Anyway, he did the bit with Larry and then he gave us a beautiful speech about how wonderful we all were. (I have the whole thing on video.)

And then… This is where I’ll pick up next time.

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