My Final Meeting With Larry

August 21, 2016

Aurora and Larry on 70s day
A throwback to ’70s day at work

While we’re talking about my talks with our famous senior staff on my last day of work…

Earlier in the day, when not a ton was going on, Larry had left his door wide open and sat at the big table in there, facing the door, ready to talk to people in and out (without us having to go through his assistant, as we would on a normal day – not ’cause he’s untouchable at all, but because he’s busy).


When it was my turn, I went in there and said I wasn’t sure if he’d gotten my card from Nicole (his assistant) yet. He hadn’t. But either way, I just wanted to reiterate that it was truly the best job I’ve ever worked.

I’d met Larry a few times before this – at the Christmas party, on ’70s day, and he came into my bay a few times to watch down cuts. So, he knew my name and everything. But we weren’t like super pals – not non-pals or anything, I just hadn’t spent a ton of time with him.

When I told him thanks for everything, he thanked me for everything!

It told me that it was wonderful having me around the building, and that he loved the bright & energetic spirit I brought to the building.

Then he laughed as he reminisced how into ’70s day I was. (What can I say? I love costumes!)

So we had a nice little laugh, a nice moment, and someone I was always slightly intimidated by (not because he’s intimidating in the least – in fact, he’s quite nice, but you know, he is the host/EP/and all that jazz)… anyway, someone I was kind of intimidated by gave me beautiful compliments.

Also, I asked if he was gonna go back to LA. And he said no – that he’d split his time there still, but that New York wasn’t gonna kick a brother out so easily, so fast. And I felt so inspired. I was all, “Yeah! I feel the same!”

Then we talked about LA a little. And then, alas, it was time to do other stuff…

Now, getting back to the rest of the day… this is where I’ll pick up tomorrow.

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