Oh The Sweetness (About Nightly Show Being Over)!

August 24, 2016

Picking up from yesterday

As I said, I sent those exports out to the staff. And I got a whole bunch of emails back about how much that meant to people and how they loved having them. And it warmed my little heart.

(And made me miss everyone already – even though we weren’t even scheduled to work again until after Labor Day!)

Between the sweet email responses and the monologues we were all giving each other at the party, I feel like I have never received so many compliments.

Not to mention just the staff and crew, but strangers on twitter were saying the absolute nicest things! We were hearing how the show affected people and gave a voice to people who felt they were voiceless…

When I started this post, I thought I had a complete idea – what I wanted to say with an idea and everything… But I might not, ’cause I don’t remember what the point or end to this was. (Whoops!)

The point is, there was sweetness. It was beautiful. And it makes it all the much harder to leave these people/this job… Siiiigh

(But at least we’ll always have precious, sweet, loving emails!)

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