It’s Really Starting To Sink In… We Don’t Have Jobs Anymore

Saturday, August 27th, 2016

Remember that time I had the most beautiful job of my life? (last week)

This week, I had to buy my own tampons! (Actually, my dad happened to pay for my tampons since I went grocery shopping in Ohio together… But still… I had to buy tampons!)

And I’ve had to buy food.

I was so unbelievably spoiled. So many free tampons. SO much free food.

Heck, someone used to walk into my office (my beautiful office!) around 4:30 every night and ask me what I wanted for dinner. How will I ever learn how to order my own smoothie? 😉

I know. I know. It sounds like I’m so spoiled. (Because I WAS!)

Not only am I gonna miss the lovely perks… I’m gonna miss those freaking lovely sweethearts I worked with day in and day out. Those people were the best.

And the money. The whole being able to live comfortable in New York thing… Really gonna miss that. Really, really, really gonna miss that.

And the whole insanely reasonable hours thing – like more than reasonable, in fact. Just spectacular. On Fridays, I got to come in whenever I wanted as long as my work got done. My hours were stable and I could have the best job in the world that was exceptionally fulfilling, and an incredibly full beautiful life outside of it as well with my wonderful, amazing hours.

And now I’m applying to a bunch of jobs… And that’s hard. It’s hard remember what it’s like to apply, apply, apply for gigs that last a few months at a time, that don’t give me such incredible freedom with my time. (Not that they need to, but goodness, it was nice!)

It’s not like I haven’t done the hustle before… I have plenty of times… I just – I thought this would be my job for the next 3 – 5 years, if not longer… And it’s just crummy that it’s not. And I realize that a little more with every moment of every day…

*Sigh* Also, buckle up. Because this is probably what we’re gonna be talking about the majority of this week. I’m fine. Everything’s fine. I know I’m gonna get more jobs. But I have a feeling this week’s gonna be about grieving. (Yay, grieving!)

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