We Were Already Supposed To Be On Vacation…

Tuesday, August 30th, 2016

This is probably not even worth a full post. But this is something random that it seems not everybody knows that I just thought should be mentioned.

We already had a scheduled two weeks off. Our final show was supposed to be our final show – before a two-week break.

So, a bunch of people already had vacation plans.

In fact, a bunch of us had vacation plans that we ended up needing to change.

For instance, a producer I worked closely with had gotten permission to leave on Thursday instead of Friday. Of course, once she learned Thursday was everyone’s very last day, she had to change her expensive (international) flight, because who would want to miss her last day at The Nightly Show?

I had a much easier experience. I was supposed to fly to Ohio Friday morning. But I had to now work Friday, because I now had to wrap everything up. There were things due to the network from Thursday’s show (if not previous ones), and there was personal stuff I wanted to export. (I kinda talked about that in a different post.) So, I cancelled my flight. (I gotta try to make sure I use that Southwest money ’cause it expires soon!)

Anyway, I cancelled my flight, stayed all day Friday and tried to wrap things out. Then I ended up taking a bus to Ohio Saturday morning.

Now, obviously, these are some of the most first-world problems ever. I mean, boo hoo. I had to change my travel plans for my 5th(!) (and 6th!) weeks of vacation this year – wwwwaaaaaa.

But that’s not the reason I bring it up. I bring it up because it feels weird to lose your job, and immediately go on vacation… I mean, not super super weird because in the past, in LA, when a job would come to an end, I’d go on vacation sometimes. (Heck, there were about 2 months that I traveled around for my 52 half marathons.)

But the endings of those jobs were always planned (and sometimes the vacations weren’t haha!). So, to switch those – to have a planned vacation and an unplanned job loss… People were confused as to what to do.

I mean, I guess not confused… But people (outside of the show) kept asking what I was gonna do. And it’s like, “I dunno. I guess leave, as I always thought I was gonna do. And then come back.”

It’s counter-intuitive because the thing that potentially would’ve made sense would’ve been to stay in New York and take interviews. But you make plans, you buy plane tickets. (You AirBnB out your place.) So, I left.

(One person, for example, was going on her honeymoon! I’m sure she’s having an amazing time ’cause she has the most positive spirit in the universe… But imagine losing your total dream job and then going on a two-week celebration. It seems weird to me.)

So, I dunno, there your have it. Our weird happy/sad/weird vacations.

Still more Nightly Show wrap up coming at you tomorrow!

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