“But Aurora, That’s How TV Works”

Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

I know!

…I know that when I so publicly cry out my sadness about losing my job that I am inviting people to say things to me. I get that.

I also understand that when people say things along the lines of, “Stuff gets cancelled all the time. That’s TV,” that I really believe they are coming from the best place and trying to be so super helpful. And I love you all for that.

So, I hope I don’t come off as super annoyed or anything…


I am well aware that that’s how TV works. Yes, I’ve worked on tons of shows and bounced around a ton. Totally. I know it’s part of the game.


I had finally made it to a Jon Stewart late night comedy show – a total dream.

The Daily Show has been on for something like 20 years and counting. Colbert was on for something like 9 before he chose to leave (and took a bunch of his staff with him!).

We are in. an. election. year.

I was so sure – so very sure – I had my job through November, if not longer. I was SO excited to help cover the election.

Also, on a personal level – while I love change and all that jazz, it has been an insane year on multiple levels. I was ready for one year of work stability – just do BMI and keep getting my treatment at the hospital for my assault. Just try to build my personal and creative life back up (especially after big failures in both)…

It was the greatest job I’ve ever had on a million levels, and in every way. I realize there’s more great stuff out there, and I’m excited to see what’s next.

But I just want to be granted a bit of grieving time, if that’s okay?

Does this post make sense? 😛


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