“I Wish I Had Taken More Pictures”

September 1, 2016

duncan-maisha-and-auroraAs I sort through everything I have from The Nightly Show…

I’ve started singing that line from “I Wish I Could Go Back To College” from Avenue Q (in a puppet voice, of course)… “I wish I had taken more pictures.”

It’s funny, because I took a lot of pictures!

I remember even thinking throughout the whole run – not just the last week – to take pictures! Document this beautiful job!

And I did.

I have photos of myself on the set, and from ’70s day, and with Larry. I commemorated special days (such as my first day as an editor, first day on the job, all that jazz…).

But I don’t have a ton of pictures of me and other people on the crew…

Maybe that means I’m selfish? “Sure! Get me in Larry’s chair!” But then I don’t have many pics of me and my friends…

Or maybe it just means that it felt more normal to ask for a picture in Larry’s chair (of course everybody wants that) rather than to ask my co-workers, “Will you take a picture with me?” (which I’m 99% certain almost any of them would have).

alex-and-auroraIn the last week, I was so busy giving thank you cards and hugs and having sweet conversations, I didn’t even think to ask for photos! There was too much happening.

Even the wrap party was fully of the sweetest goodbyes and monologues to each other. And I just didn’t think to take more pictures.

And I’m sort of glad I didn’t. For once I actually just straight up lived in the moment. It wasn’t about social media or documenting things for my blog or myself. I was just taking every single moment. And I loved that.

But I also miss my photos haha

But then! I realized I actually do have photos with a lot of people on staff due to my boss’ maternity leave project. I used to send her a sad photo everyday so she’d know how much we missed her. And I still have all of those.

And they’re actually all very apt now that we lost our jobs – which is a bummer!

Also, someone was going around taking photos on the last day, and I can’t wait to see them all!

There are plenty of pictures… Everything is fine.

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