My Week Working On Dancing With The Stars – Part 1 (Sharna and James)

September 9, 2016

screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-7-36-37-pmHey everybody! I know we’ve been talking about such serious subjects lately. So, let me do a fun backpost (though, warning, there is of course more sexual assault to come…but not right now!).

[Here’s a backpost. Pretend you’re reading this in September.]

Once upon a time (a few weeks ago), I worked on The Nightly Show and loved it.

We got cancelled – when we were already supposed to have a two-week hiatus. So, those two weeks felt weird…

And the day before I was supposed to come back (had the show been coming back, that is), I got to start a week-long gig of some New York shoots of Dancing with the Stars.

I guess they were filming out here for the week because of press junkets (including Good Morning America) and stuff.

So, I got to have a week as a story assistant. It was really pretty fun. It’s been a while since I’ve worked in the field on something. And what a blast this was!

The first email I got said I’d be on Vanilla Ice’s team. Ice, ice baby! I was so ready!

But then I got a last minute schedule change that my day started 4 hours earlier and I’d be with a different team. (Aye aye aye. A call time before noon? How shall I ever survive? *she says as dramatically as possible*)

I ended up being with Sharna and James on the first day.

Basically, my job consisted of taking notes on my laptop for the producer with time codes, so if they loved something someone in the couple said, and it’d be good for a package, they could refer to the notes to know where it is.

So, hopefully the notes were helpful.

I haven’t done a ton of work in the story department on the field side of things. (I know editing and story are related in post… I mean, it’s all related everywhere. But… the point is, I haven’t been the one taking notes in the field, I think back since my first job on America’s Got Talent like a million (6) years ago. And it was so fun to do it again for a week!

You know, there’s something about the energy in the room that’s nice.

I talked to Sharna more than James. She is so super smart and really fun to talk to. She also was nice about taking photos for me/with me for social media (’cause she’s so into social media too :-).)

Basically, everyone was nice. I had a lovely time, and tomorrow, I’ll talk about working with Marilu and Derek.

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