It All Came Full Circle (At The Nightly Show)

September 12, 2016

Aurora De Lucia in her editing chair, looking behind her shoulder at Nightly Show[This is a backdated post from September 12, just fyi]

Welp, as far as I know this is the last thing I have to say about The Nightly Show for a while… I may mention it here and there if things come up. But, other than giveaway day tomorrow, I think this is the last in my big block of posts about it.

What an incredible, beautiful, sweet, wonderful ride this has been.

It’s crazy to think that the room where I interviewed ending up becoming my office! (I took my boss’ old bay, as she moved out of the edit to do more senior producer-y running around stuff.)

I also wore the same dress to my interview as I did to my first day as an editor, as I did to my second-to-last day of work… Because on my last day of work, I wore the dress I bought at Macy’s when I moved to New York with no clothes on a whim to work on The Nightly Show.

Same dresses. Same chair. Same office. Everything just really worked out beautifully… Except of course the losing my job part.

Other than that, this was an absolute – a really true fairy tale. And I was so very super lucky to experience it.

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