Missing My Job SO Much (For This First Presidential Debate)

Sunday, September 25th, 2016

So, I’ve had about a month and a half to process The Nightly Show ending. I have blogged about it at length here. I’ve traveled. I already worked a week on another show. I thought I was too the point where it didn’t hurt quite as badly anymore…

And then the Presidential Debates came up. The first one is tomorrow.

How am I supposed to enjoy the debates without my Nightly Show family? I loved going in on days after big events – seeing the script change throughout the day, and generally in the hall hearing everybody’s hot takes and hilarious jokes.

I liked passing the TV in the hall outside of Larry’s office (across from his assistant’s desk) with cable news always going… It just felt like our world was fast-paced, and stuff was happening, and we were paying attention.

It was an absolute dream come true to work there… And now I don’t have that built in group of genius people to bond with after big events like this… (Thank goodness at least we’ll always have twitter, but still…)

I knew I was one of the luckiest people on the planet to have my job… But I knew I was somehow even in the high echelon of lucky compared to that, because not only did I get to work at TNS, I got to work there during an election year.

We had fun while we were there. But I imagined covering the election. There is no where I would’ve been on election night (other than if somehow in some universe I got to hold Hillary Clinton’s hand as the results came in, but other than that, there’s nowhere I’d rather be than at my desk working for a political show I believed in).

And now we miss out on that.

And it’s a bummer.

And I knew the election night part would sting. I’m bracing myself for that day…

But I forgot how much this stuff would come up – how much the Presidential Debate would hurt… Not in an intense way or anything. I get that life moves on and other shows will cover it beautifully and I can talk to my friends (not just on twitter – but in real life too! Imagine that.)

The point is, I wish – I wish – I got to be in the company of the funniest, smartest people I know (some of the funniest, smartest people in the country).

So, I still love you, TNS…. And Hillary Clinton, I looooove you. Go kick some butt!

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