Women Are More Than How They Relate To Men… Right? (Re: Kim Kardashian’s Robbery)

Monday, October 3rd, 2016

[HEY Blog followers! Yes. Yet again, I am doing a back post. (I still have faith I’m going to catch us up to where we are now… But I do suppose we shall see…) Anyway, imagine this post from October 3… (In fact, if you want to see the original tweet thread from October 3, it’s  here: https://twitter.com/aurorasblog/status/782935402084704256) So… in a time machine back to the 3rd…]

So, I feel a little weird talking about Kim Kardashian here, because I feel like we spend too much time (in general, in life) talking about the Kardashians… (Of course, I dressed as Caitlyn Jenner one year as my inspiring woman of the way… So, what do I know? Maybe I am a person who talks about the Kardashians…

Aaaaaanyway, as you have probably heard, Kim was the victim of a robbery. And that’s terrible. No matter what I think about how show, I’m sorry to hear that any human has had such a terrifying experience.

And there’s one thing I was thinking about today when it’s come to the coverage of this. And I was wondering if we could talk about it together here (because I can’t tell with certainty whether I’m overreacting).

I have seen many tweets saying “we should care about Kim K. because she is a wife & daughter & mother”…

But I think we should care about someone who’s been held at gunpoint because she is another human being in this world – period, end of story.

Why does someone’s value rest on the fact that she has a husband or a baby? I can’t recall ever seeing tweets for a male celebrity saying “he’s a husband and a father… (Of course, maybe just none are jumping to mind that totally exist – you can let me know…)

But, so what does that mean?

If the instinct is to talk about women this way, but not necessarily men,

Does that mean we’re less likely to need to be told to empathize with men? We just do it?

Or does that mean we naturally respect men – for exactly who they are – without their value being placed on what they are to other people (eg wife & mother, in a woman’s case?)

So… I dunno. There’s just something gross to me about “care about her because she has a baby & husband” instead of “Because she’s another freaking human being on this earth”

Why do we need more than that?

Just a thought… And I welcome yours in the comments. Thanks so much!

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