Rock ‘n’ Roll Los Angeles 2016 – Part 1 (Choosing Hillary)

Sunday, October 30th, 2016

side by side with Hillary's red debate outfit and Aurora in her approximation of itFor anyone who doesn’t know, every year, I run the Halloween half marathon as a different inspiring woman.

I’ve been wanting to go as Hillary for years. Heck, if it were up to me, I might go as her every year, because Hillary amazes me. To me, she is the ultimate inspiring women. I almost went as her last year after she totally kicked butt in the Benghazi hearings.

Buuuuut, it was kind of last minute. And approximation of her suits are nearly impossible to find. She has these very interesting cuts and colors. For the most part, she doesn’t have anything for which you can just go get an approximation at Macy’s or something… And last year, I felt there was just too much going on to make it happen.

Plus, I figured, “Why not wait until she’s the Presidential nominee officially? That’ll be even more inspiring! (As if somehow she can be even more inspiring… but let’s get real. She will be when she’s Madam President)”

There were people at that point who were like, “Well, don’t wait! What if Bernie Sanders wins?!” (I mean, I know anything is possible, but I was preeeeetty confident in her.)

So, I waited a year.

Then, this year, she has absolutely killed it in so many moments. I could’ve dressed as her from the convention, or from any of her debates. But I just looooved the way she came out in that power red for the first debate. (You are doing this girl! Get it, Hillary!!!)

I started trying to look for suits, and came up against the same problems… They still were hard to replicate. I still was doing this last minute-ish (but not as last-minute as last year!)… I thought about just going as swimmer Katie Ledecky or gymnast Simone Biles (both humongously inspiring). After all, I can’t go as them next year…

And think about Hillary’s inauguration outfit! I’m sure it’s gonna be so gorgeous! Wouldn’t it be fun to go as her when she’s actually President, and not just running?

…But I can’t keep putting it off every year. Even if I go as President Hillary Rodham Clinton next year, I can still go as candidate Clinton this year. And she can be the first person I dress up as two years in a row. I looooove her. (And quite honestly, I should’ve gone as her last year too. So, time to stop waiting!)

Time to get that impossible suit…

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