Rock ‘n’ Roll Los Angeles 2016 – Part 3 (The Race!)

Tuesday, November 1st, 2016

screen-shot-2016-11-12-at-11-21-03-amPicking up from yesterday –

Usually, hearing the national anthem is my cue to get my butt down there if I haven’t already.

(I live so close, I can just run down at the start, because it always takes at least half an hour (usually longer) for all the corrals to go through… LA is a treat that way, in that I can really take all the time I want…)

But this time, I was the one singing the National Anthem, so I got down there before the race (as a normal person normally does). It still took me longer to walk through the crowd than I thought it would… So, I only got to the front with 3 minutes to spare.

(I know this because when I apologized for cutting it so close, the guy laughed and said “Eh, you’ve got 3 whole minutes to spare! Relax! Take a load off!” haha)

I sang the national anthem, watched some corrals past, and eventually made it on my merry way.

Along the way, I had random people run up to me and ask for a selfie. I felt a little famous. It was pretty fun!

I also had people yelling from the sidelines things like, “Go Hillary!” or “I’m with her!”

Usually, I just yelled back, “Don’t forget to vote!” There was a point on the course where this group with signs kept talking about repenting and fire and brimstone and all of that. When I passed them, someone yelled out, “You’re in a man’s suit! A man’s suit!” (Which, I don’t even know what that means… Technically I wasn’t in a suit at all. Ailys just made it look like one.)

Then they said, “You must be Killary Clinton!” And they just kept yelling. Some women then basically surrounded me. “We got you… Do you need help?” And we just jogged out of there as a pack strong together. (Just like Hillary always says, “stronger together,” right? :-))

I also met Katie along the way – she was dressed as a “personal email server.” She was happy to find her Hillary. We laughed, stuck together, and did the rest of the race together.

This was a really fun morning.

Another one in the books. Can’t wait to go as inauguration Hillary next year. I’m sure she’s gonna be gooooorgeous!

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