I cannot even wait to vote for Hillary Clinton!

November 7, 2016

(On my flight, after the safety announcements, the flight attendants asked that we don’t discuss politics ;))

We made it to election day!

(Or technically, just barely election day eve as this is posting.)

I am so in love with Hillary Clinton, it practically hurts. I think I basically know what being in love is because of her. Haha!

When I listen to her speak, I am mesmerized. When I see her moving campaign ads, I cry. When I look at her face on twitter, etc. I am filled with basically the emotional embodiment of the heart eyes emoji.

I wanted her to win against Obama in the primary 8 years ago… She didn’t (as we all know). I was devastated. (I can only imagine how she felt!)

And I waited so excitedly for her to return.

And then she did.

(If you don’t totally remember, watch this gorgeous, perfect video.)

Every small win she’s had to me has been amplified, knowing what a tough road it’s been – and remembering the heartbreak of 2008.

I feel as though this is almost the ultimate comeback story (or at least, hopefully it will be after tomorrow).

The words “lesser of two evils” echo all over the internet, but when I go into that voting booth tomorrow, I will not be voting for the lesser of two evils. I will be enthusiastically voting for the best presidential candidate I could hope for!

As has been said many times, she is the most qualified person to ever run. She’s brilliant. She’s a great listener/compromiser. She has done oh so much good for the world.

She is my role model. And it will be my honor to vote for Hillary tomorrow.

4 years ago, I wrote a post encouraging us all to stand behind whomever is elected. I stand by that old post… As much as it physically pains me to imagine a Donald Trump Presidency, I think I will stand by my words of respecting transition of power… (After all, it was a question posed in the debates and we all said we’d respect the outcome…)


Last time, I respected Romney. I didn’t agree with him on issues, but I still think he probably would’ve been a generally fine President.

Trump is dangerous. I truly believe (without hyperbole or exaggeration) that he is dangerous.

Please don’t elect that dangerous man.

I gave money to Hillary. I made some calls. I dressed as her for my inspiring woman costume that I do every Halloween. I talked to family and friends in swing states (sometimes at length) about why Hil’s the one for whom you should vote. I am voting in the morning, then I plan on knocking on doors (or at least making more calls if anything should keep me from knocking on doors).

I tried.

I could’ve tried harder, and sometimes I feel bad about that… But I put work in… And I’ll put work in tomorrow.

After 8 long years (or more, even), I cannot wait to see Madame President Hillary Rodham Clinton announced tomorrow night. (Eeeeeeeee!)

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