Roller Coaster Election Day (From My View)

November 9, 2016

knocking-doorsI woke up with those big wide musical theater eyes. This is it. THIS IS IT! I’ve been waiting for Hillary Clinton to be president for at least 8 years  – probably more (with primaries, and the lead up to the primary and all of that).

I LOVE Hillary. (I’m sure we’ll get into that so much more soon enough…)

I thought to myself, “This is going to crack the list of the top 10 days of my life.”

I put on my white dress (as an homage to the suffragette movement) and I headed to the polls. Shockingly, there was almost no line for anyone whose last name started with D. (There were lines set up based on the alphabet.) And I got to go right up and vote.

I was so nervous in that voting booth. I knew every single vote mattered so much! What if I accidentally pressed the wrong candidate? (Of course, I can change it ’til the confirm page, but still!)

I read her name. I read it again. I took a deep breath and smiled so big and I pressed that button for Hillary. Then I voted Dems down ballot. On the confirm page, I read her name one more time with the big check mark beside it. (I even took a picture just to make sure it was real.) Our moment was finally here!

After I left, I changed out of my big white dress into something more walking-around-the-neighborhood-suitable. And I went to a campaign house.

Great news! Once I got to the campaign house, they had finished their packets! That’s how many volunteers Hillary had had. They were able to completely finish canvassing by election day.

So, they sent me to another campaign house, and I got a packet. (My high school theater teacher went with me, which was so lovely (and got a separate packet so we could cover more ground).)

As I went around knocking on doors, basically nobody was home. The few people who were, were either proud to have voted or on their way out to vote. (And everyone was so nice and enthusiastic.)

I even saw another canvasser (for a state-level politician). So, that was kinda fun, seeing other people out there who really cared.

Soon enough, I had to drive back and turn in my finished packet, because I had to get to the airport!

Even at the airport, I sat down, opened my laptop, and made calls until we boarded.

I flew to New York because at the end of the day, I wanted to go to the Javits Center and see her victory speech.

Just as I wanted to be in Philadelphia for her convention, I wanted to be in New York for her presidential nomination.

I had a layover in North Carolina. (I actually got to choose from two flights that were about the same price and time. But I specifically chose the one with the swing state layover, to see if being there would give me any kind of feeling at all…)

And the group I met at the airport bar where I got my vegetable tacos loved Hillary. I know that’s a ridiculously small sample size of 3 people. But those three people were so excited!

We’ve got this. We’ve obviously got this, right? We have to have this…

When I got on the plane, I had a really hard time connection to the wifi (Oh no!) As soon as I landed I tweeted that I’d been on a plane and asked for an update… And someone told me Florida was way too close. And I started catching up. And I started getting ever so slightly nervous. But, come on. We know she’s got this…

I jumped in a cab and went to my friend’s place in Harlem (as that’s pretty close to LGA) so I could put my stuff down and such…

I texted my friend who was at Javits, and not surprisingly it was packed. It didn’t seem like they were letting anybody else in. So, I decided I’d watch a few more returns in Harlem – wait until it gets close enough to her speech and see if we can sneak in…

And then it started to look more and more like a President Trump was possible…

It was reported that they stopped showing the results at the Javits Center – which actually made me happy not to be there.

I just kept thinking, “There’s no possible way. There’s no way it’s gonna be Trump. There’s no way.”

“There. is. no. way…… …… RIGHT?”

In the wee hours of the night/morning, once it looked like she was going to concede (ugh, so sad), and the Javits Center had started to clear out (because everyone was so disappointed), I thought about going down there to at least see her concession speech live. It would be heart-wrenching. But, at least I’d see her speak in person. And we’d all be there for each other.

My friend didn’t want to go, but of course he was all, “Please don’t let me stop you!”

So, as I was just starting to get ready to go, John Podesta came onstage (on the live coverage we were watching). And he told everyone to go home…

Well, all right then.

Cory Lewndowski started angrily taking about how, ‘If that had been Trump, it would be unacceptable!’ …

But the results hadn’t been officially called yet! She wasn’t going to concede before it was over, and he wouldn’t have either.

I thought it was totally a fair thing to do.

I stayed up to watch Trump speak…

I had friends who refused and I think that’s smart. But I just wanted to see how it went down…

It was physically painful to watch a man who has tried to totally decimate women’s rights stand up there and talk about how he looked forward to being Vice President to (sigh) Donald Trump.

And then Trump gave his speech. It wasn’t really presidential. But at least it also wasn’t offensive (which I guess is saying something for him?)

I sobbed…

I remember feeling just gutted when OBAMA (who’s pretty awesome, ultimately) won the freaking primary against Hillary. So, this was just… It was beyond words.

I sobbed until I went to sleep.

A day from the highest highs to the lowest lows…

As I quipped that night… It just shows, truly anyone* can be President.

*as long as she isn’t a woman.

(Sobs some more.)

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