I Didn’t Go To A Donald Trump Protest…

Thursday, November 10th, 2016

I was close to the protests when they happened… I met up with someone close to the old Nightly Show studio (so, close to Columbus Circle, not long before protests broke out).

After I met with my friend, I checked twitter and I saw protests were happening. And I almost went.

I have such mixed feelings about them.

First off, I want to state unequivocally that I do not judge anybody who went, or is going, or is organizing one, etc. You are raising your voice against a dangerous man, and that’s important.

I almost went.

I want to share my anger out loud… Everything that’s happening is so freaking ridiculous. I understand the burning desire for peaceful protest…

But then I think about how I’d feel if people were doing that after Clinton got elected. “Hey! She won! Let her have her moment! Stop complaining about nothing. She’s not a criminal!” (Etc. etc. etc.)

And as strongly as I believe Trump is dangerous, the other side believes she is…

So, I think, “I need to hold myself to the same standard I would hold them. I need to respect the office of the Presidency.”

But then I think, “If this were Hitler (and I *know* Hitler references get so old so fast and they’re used too often…) But I understand the parallels. And if he does horrific things, I want to be able to say, “I did not stand by and watch it happen!”

And then I think… “But I didn’t stand by! I voted. I gave money. I knocked some doors, made a few phone calls, all that… And I will protest certain acts he does while in office (assuming he does anything he says he’s going to)… But I can’t protest that he won, even if I don’t like it at all…”

So… I went back and forth and did that whole dance in my head… And then I didn’t go.

I mean, I’m all for the faithless electors. I think it’d be great if somehow *somehow* it were possible to turn this around… But if he’s my President, then I have to at least kinda try to respect the office…

I wonder how/wht Hillary’s doing right now.

3 thoughts on “I Didn’t Go To A Donald Trump Protest…

  1. Kevin

    I didn’t go to a protest either, mirroring the exact thought process you write about.

    Back in 2000, I did protest the (s)election of Bush Jr., as that election clearly had been stolen–Florida violated its own election laws in declaring Bush the winner. (By law, votes had to be recounted by a different method; they initially just ran the ballots through the same machines. More significantly, by law a ballot had to count if “voter intent” was clear. There were thousands of votes (I heard 20,000) in which the voter had filled in the “Gore” oval and then in the write-in section written “Gore” and those ballots were thrown away as overvotes ( = voting for two people in one election and the ballot is discarded) even though voter intent was crystal clear. Then the shameful Bush v.. Gore Supreme Court decision happened. Back then I would say that Bush Jr. “wasn’t my president:” and “Hail to the Thief.”

    But this year, while the Electoral College system is bullshit, those were the rules and Donald Trump won by the established rules, so I have very mixed feelings when people say he isn’t their president–it feels just a little bit like they’re protesting democracy itself. Not that Republicans (not least Trump himself) didn’t try to delegitimize Obama from day 1.

    Sorry I don’t have a more insightful conclusion on what’s the right thing to do. Frankly, it feels like the country is going into unknown territory. We might just get trolled and come out the other side essentially the same (This happened in Italy under Berlusconi.), or there might be more permanent damage to our institutions. And I’m genuinely not sure what’s the best way to minimize the damage.

    So I’ll keep reading and hopefully you’ll share that brilliant insight when it flashes into your mind. 🙂

    1. Aurora De Lucia Post author

      Awww, you’re such a sweetheart, Kevin! And, same. I’ll keep reading what you put in the world. You are SO smart and well-informed. And I definitely look to you for this kind of stuff. I’m glad to know I’m not way off base since you didn’t go to the protest either…

      But I am still sort of holding out hope for those faithless electors… And I do see that Not My President hashtag being used to talk about that… So, in that sense, I see the momentum behind it.

      Also, while Trump “won by the established rules,” I think it was a little unfair that the FBI seemed to be in Trump’s corner. I wonder if things had been different without the Comey letter. Eeeeeesh.

  2. Kevin

    Thanks, Aurora! 🙂 Whatever we do, we keep going.

    The Comey thing is beyond disgusting. But two rather depressing things to keep in mind: one is that Comey was appointed by Pres. Obama. I say this not to exonerate Comey, but to show how far the ideological rot had set in the Democratic party and how we very much need to reassess the presidency of Barack Obama, who took Democrats from the largest majorities since the mid-1960s to what we have today.

    The other is that in an different reality Americans could have reacted to the FBI’s obvious meddling in our election by coming out in droves to support Hillary Clinton and repudiate the corruption of the security state. (At minimum, Libertarian & Green voters could’ve been scared straight regarding what was at stake.). The fact that the letters just hurt her at all says that we were primed for this sort of thing.

    If the electors indeed give Hillary Clinton the presidency I’ll dance for joy at the double win of a much safer country and–bonus!–the likelihood that the Electoral College gets scrapped.


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