Rock ‘n’ Roll San Antonio 10k

December 3, 2016

screen-shot-2016-12-27-at-4-44-20-amThank goodness for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon series.

Every year, I do a marathon in a different state. And this year, I chose to do the Rock ‘n’ Roll San Antonio Marathon, because they let me race for free since I was singing the National Anthem.

The 10k wasn’t even on my radar until they asked me to sing for it. And I thought, “if I’m getting up early and going to the start line, I’m sure to goodness gonna just do the 10k. Let’s get real here.”

I got there with plenty of time to spare. I felt that the last few times I sang the national anthem, I got there with not much time beforehand. And I don’t ever want to stress anybody out. I want them to see me there and have no worries.

I also underestimated how small this 10k would be. I have no idea how many people did it – I’m sure still kind of a lot ish. But not as many as do a half marathon or marathon.

There wasn’t a stage set up for the announcer. He was off to the side with a mic. It was smaller in every way – from number of racers to personnel… to number of miles we run, I suppose haha.

So, there wasn’t as much traffic (both foot traffic and traffic, traffic (as in cars)) to worry about. Meaning I got there way early – like close to an hour early, I think. Which was fine.

I got my bib. I told the announcer I was there, then walked around…

It was pretty cold that morning, so that part was a bit of a bummer. The sweet Rock ‘n’ Roll series even gave me VIP status. So, the next morning, I could’ve gone inside somewhere. But VIP status worked for the marathon, not the 10k. So, this morning, there weren’t any indoor places in the vicinity to be found.

So, I huddled around shivering with other runners until it was about my time to sing.

Then, as I waited, Olympians Jared Ward and Meb Keflezighi came over to kick off the festivities. And I got to get a selfie with them! What?! So cool.

As far as the 10k itself, I just slowly walked the whole thing.

It was surprisingly a struggle to make sure I kept such a slow pace for the whole thing. But I knew with a full 26.2 the next day, I just wanted to be as nice to my legs as possible. I’m not in peak training shape or anything. So, even just another 6 miles was still something I thought I should at least be semi-careful about.

It rained.

A lot.

It got even worse after the race when I went to pick up my packet at the expo…

Oooooh goodness, what’s gonna happen in that marathon tomorrow? If it’s anything like today, I need to prepare to be soaked.


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