Rock ‘n’ Roll San Antonio Marathon! – Part 2

Monday, December 5th, 2016

aurora-with-medal-in-the-hot-tubPicking up from yesterday –

I was doing pretty okay-ish for most of the race, but I took what felt like forever to get through that loop.

The miles felt longer (even though almost certainly they weren’t). It just felt like that loop was never ending.

And – yet again – as though I didn’t learn my lesson in SF to not use the bathroom, I stopped to use the bathroom! (This time there was no line, though.)

I don’t remember usually stopping during marathons to use the bathroom. I gotta start eating differently, I guess… Anyway.

At least what felt like my two longest miles were the ones in which my phone was charging. Let’s just say my lack of energy was all on purpose so I could let my phone charge as long as possible. Why not?

I got my phone back and started blasting my jams (Carly Rae Jepsen a lot) as I went the rest of the way.

And then, I saw the sag wagon behind me.

It was scary how it just came up behind us all.

I always thought I’d have more of a warning if that happened… I mean, I did see it in the distance. So, I tried to run away from it. And yet, one minute it seemed pretty far away. The next it seemed within striking distance of me. dum dum duuuuuuum [scary chords]

In between mile twenty-four and twenty-five (so we are seriously nearing the home stretch here). This man comes out of the sag wagon to collect us.

He runs up behind me with a really cheery peppy attitude and nicely says, “Hey, I’m gonna give you a.. [oh, I forget what word he used… boost? nudge? – something positive-ish sounding, but we all know it’s not…]. And even though he was being the nicest, I whipped around and turned my head to him as though I was in that movie The Exorcist. I yelled at him, “I’ll die first!”

And he said, “Okay, then you better start running. You’re about 5 minutes behind pace.” He pointed to a stoplight not terribly far in the distance (but far enough). He said, “Just make it to that stoplight. Not that first one, but the one after. We need to close this street. You turn at that stoplight and if you can make it there and turn, I won’t pick you up.”

So I run as though I’m trying to get on the Olympic team… Having the sag wagon behind me feels the same as having a terrifying villain behind me in a horror movie. I go for it.

And [eeeeeeeew, gross alert]. As, I run faster, all my blisters start popping. I can feel them in my shoes. Ow, my feet.

Thankfully, I made it to the stop light and turn. The sag wagon drives ahead of me and lets off the people it’s picked up. But I eventually catch up to most of them.

Once I get see mile marker 25, I know it’s all celebration mile from here. I love the final mile.

The sag wagon cheerleader guy even passes alongside of me and looks back, kind of winking/waving and says something like, “Great job,” in a really fun/inside joke kind of way.

I feel so bad that I came off so mean. But he seemed to agree that it made us best friends. So, yay!

At the end of the race, of course my phone was dead all over again. (Hence, why the finisher pic I had of myself is me in the hotel jacuzzi.)

I got my remix medal (for doing the 10k and marathon in the same weekend). And I got my sweet finisher jacket they were giving out. This is the first marathon I’ve done that gives out free finisher jackets – and I. am. into. them!

Then I went by the medic tent to ask if they weren’t too super busy if they wouldn’t mind helping out with my feet…

[Ew alert again.] We all were pretty surprised at the amount of blisters on my feet. And apparently something about all the wetness everywhere in the world from all the rain made them even worse. But they very nicely bandaged my feet up.

Then I headed back to my hotel. As I waited for a cab (at a hotel by the finish), I asked the taxi stand guy (I’m sorry I don’t know the name of that position, really) what I should do if I’m from out of town. And he was like, “it’s so rainy. Just go enjoy your hotel.”

It was rainy. Even Sea World closed. (Not that I was going to go to Sea World – especially for a half day or less, and especially after I’d already gone in San Diego…)

Either way, San Antonio was tired. i was tired. I went back to my hotel, hung out in the hot tub, pigged out on some food, and went to bed. then I flew into New York and went straight into work the next day.

Another race complete! Woot!

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