Presidential Debate Party (October 19, 2016)

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

aurora-at-the-hillary-watch-partyI know it’s a little moot to talk about this now, right?

Election’s over. We didn’t get lovely Hillary. That unfortunately did not happen… Sigh.

And I didn’t talk about this in real-time, because I was going through posts I felt were important, and wasn’t ready to take a break in them yet…

And while there is more sexual assault stuff that I do think is important, and that I do want to talk about… I think I’d like to spend at least a couple of weeks catching us up on all the super fun stuff that’s been happening, and then we’ll get back to sexual assault soon enough. (Sorry… At some point, hopefully I’ll be in a place where I barely want to talk about it…


So, during the 3rd Presidential Debate, I was in Texas – that’s right. Red state Texas…. But, Austin. Blue city in the red state.

I was on an email list to tell me Hillary events all around the state. (Her official list seemed to only give me stuff close to my zip code. But come on. I travel a lot and I LOVE her…) So, I found a list that would tell me about everything. And I saw this watch party in Austin (while I was in Austin). So, why not?

Here was the best part.

I feel like plenty of watch parties are done at bars (which are totally fine – why not, right?). But this one was done at a craft place!

So, I wanted to go so badly to see what in the world that even entailed.

And they had the debate streaming onto a big wall, so we all could easily see – and they had plenty of Hillary-themed crafts. We could make bags, or decorate cut outs of women with pantsuits. It was pretty darn dope.

And Hillary, of course, did a spectacular job in the debate! (When did she not? … how did she not win, again?)

And it was so fun to hear the whole room full of gasps and laughter during certain moments…


So, I know the point is moot now, and the night has passed. But it was such a fun, cool, beautiful night/experience, I just wanted to share it. 🙂

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