Rock ‘n’ Roll Brooklyn (October 8, 2016)

December 8, 2016

aurora-singing-the-national-anthem-at-rock-n-roll-brooklynGoodness gracious there is so much to catch up on from the past couple of months. So, here we go. Let’s start with Rock ‘n’ Roll Brooklyn. I got to sing the National Anthem for approximately 12,000 people. (Woot woot!)

I rolled outta bed soooo early to make sure I had plenty of time to get to Brooklyn (especially because I was all the way out in Jersey, baby, staying with a family from The Nightly Show)… Aaaaaaand, I had to stop by my storage unit in midtown to grab my VIP bracelet for the race and my Who’s Bad?” hat.

So, I left super early, stopped by the storage unit, and made it down to Brooklyn.

And even though I gave myself sooooo much time, between the car traffic and foot traffic, I still made it to the stage with only minutes to spare. (So, thank goodness for building in extra extra extra time for myself).

I sang the National Anthem. (I forgot I have to take my hat off, so I felt so naked without it, like “Uh oh! It is early in the morning and my hair is not cute.) Oh well!

After singing, I ran the race… Quite honestly, I mainly was all over twitter during the race. I was not wildly present. It was a big twitter weekend. Oh, Donald Trump not respecting women. Eesh.

The race ended in Prospect Park. This whole time I’ve lived in New York, people have told me I should go, and I didn’t. So, it was nice to be in Prospect Park.

The medal was cool and beautiful.

And then I headed over to the VIP tent!

(I got a VIP entry for singing the national anthem.) And oh my goodness was it amazing.

Free massages, hot foot, all the Gatorade you could want. And cell phone charging stations (thank goodness, as mine was on it’s last leg!).

I am so spoiled now. VIP all the way, baby!

In conclusion, Rock ‘n’ Roll Brooklyn was a good way to start the morning!

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