What Happened To Your Old (Nightly Show/Columbus Circle-Ish) Apartment?

December 9, 2016

I’ve mentioned moving so much in previous posts, but I never really told the story of what happened…

So, as well all know (because I won’t shut up about it – sorry), I was sexually assaulted in my bed/apartment earlier this year. That was the main reason I wanted t get out of that place.

Also, I did not really like my landlord (and really didn’t want to pay him money anymore).

So, I started hardcore looking for apartments.

We all thought we were going to have jobs through September. (Our season was ordered ’til then.) So, while I was indeed looking for a place, I was very chill about looking – no fire under my butt…

And then we got cancelled. And the race to find a place happened quickly because soon enough I was going to stop having incoming paychecks… And you need so much paperwork to secure a place out here.

I found what I thought was a pretty perfect apartment – a one-bedroom (not just a studio!), and a closer to Times Square… It was between 8th & 9th, a little closer to 9th than I wanted… But as long as I didn’t live past 9th, I didn’t care…

But before I asked my current landlord for a letter (one of the many required documents), he contacted me to say he knew I was airBnBing out my place. Now, was I? I would be remiss to admit that here in writing on the blog, if I was airBnBing after the last day to try to make extra money since I had no idea what was coming next (and since I had no reason to be in New York right then)…

Anyway, I asked what kind of proof he had. And he said he wasn’t going to play this game with me. I either got out at the end of September (a month early), or he was going to take me to court and perhaps I’d get an eviction on my record. He also told me if I was out by the end of September, I’d get my security deposit back, otherwise not.

This was somewhere around just a couple of weeks before September was over. But I agreed to get back to New York (I was off in the midst of going off somewhere, I think LA), and get out of the place.

(I think I could’ve conceivably fought this, but being that I was already looking to leave and wanting to leave, and with TNS cancelled (the whole reason I lived there), it wasn’t worth fighting.)

And he wouldn’t give me a letter, even just stating I paid my rent on time. And my realtor wouldn’t give me any other way around getting in that one last thing – the last thing I was missing (I think, especially, because some other tenant turned all their stuff in). I would’ve potentially tried to fight to get it from someone in the office or see what my legal rights were to what he could or couldn’t say if someone called and asked.

But I never got to that point since someone else got their paperwork in…

So, I put all my stuff in storage and had no idea what to do next.

I didn’t even know if I could another get a job in New York. Maybe I’d go back to LA and get a little break… As we’ve all read, New York felt a little suffocating (even though I used to love it so much)…

So, I just still half-looked for apartments… At this point, I only wanted to move again if I moved to a place I planned on staying in for a whiiiile. (I’m so over broker’s fees and all that jazz. Oh, New York.)

And I mainly looked for a job – in either New York or LA. And I landed a job in New York.

And I landed my dream apartment – which we will talk about tomorrow!

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