I Found A Place In…(Drumroll, Please) …Times Square!(!!!!!!!)

December 10, 2016

I’m doing it – checking off another one of my childhood dreams!

I have always, always said I wanted to live as close to Times Square as humanly possible… And now I am doing it!

It’s funny, I think somewhere on this blog, I talked about how bummed I was when I was moving here last year that I didn’t pick the apartment that was on restaurant row…. “Just think of how close I could’ve been to Times Square!” I moaned…

Even this time around, I found a beautiful apartment (a one bedroom!). It seemed SO spacious. …Like… New York spacious. Still so tiny.

But the way the layout was – because there were two small closets and a bathroom between the bedroom and the “living room” (that was like maybe 7 feet wide) – there was a hallway. This gorgeous hallway. So, having to walk down a hallway to your bedroom just seemed regal to me.

And I ended up not getting it. (Someone else narrowly beat me to it – getting the mounds of paperwork in before I did.)

But thank goodness that happened…

That apartment was between 8th and 9th. (Still totally close to Times Square, right?) But in my dreams, I wouldn’t go past 8th – in my dreams, I would live in theater district proper (between 40th & 49th and 6th & 8th Avenues). And that’s when I found it.

I walked from my new super Times Square apartment to my storage unit the other day, and I passed the regal place. And while it’s definitely closer to Times Square than my Columbus Circle-ish apartment, it feels SO far from my place so close to the heart of it all…

I’m a little unsure if you can live any closer to the Times Square steps than I do.

I didn’t realize (’til I was searching for an apartment in Times Square) that there are actually apartments above the M&M’s store… That’s pretty darn Times Square like, right? And I think technically, measurement-wise, even those are farther from the Times Square steps than I am.

I am living the dream! In a tiny walkup.

(To answer the question that always comes… No, I don’t have a view of the ball-drop. I’m sorry. There are all these other things I have – the biggest subway stop in the city being my stop, being walking distance to Times Square (and all surrounding things) and Rockefeller Center – all that beautiful jazz… Getting to see the excitable tourists day in and day out. It’s magical. And I see the ball everytime I’m walking home from anywhere uptown… But no, I don’t have a view of it from my apartment. Wah wah.)

But anyway, forget anything that even sounds like a bummer at all.

I feel like I’m living in my own little beautiful sitcom premise. And I’m sure I will mention that again soon. (Yay!)

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