So, What’s It Like To Live In Times Square?

December 11, 2016

Besides being the greatest thing ever?

It is, I think, exactly what you think it’d be like.

The number one most important thing when I moved there was to get curtains – I’d say that’s even more important than a bed (though I did get a mattress very quickly, and the bed itself is on the way)… Obviously, there are lights. So many lights.

It’s cute because even when I put my quilts up as curtains, you can still see light that escapes through the top of them and dances colorfully on the ceiling. It’s gorgeous, especially since (because of the quilts), it’s barely there… It’s not enough to be distracting. But it’s just enough to remind you, “There are neon signs outside… I live in the greatest place on Earth. Cool.”

Also, of course, there is sound all the time always.

I actually live above a bar (which is partially why I feel like I’m in my own sitcom… It’s funny. We pay rent to the bartenders… Already there’s been a night where I’m on my way upstairs and there are tables and chairs in the stairwell you have to squeeze by… Just all these cute little things that make me think, “Look at all this fun quirkiness! I am living in my own little sitcom!”

So anyway, the bar itself is kind of loud. But sometimes, random music will be coming from somewhere and you won’t even know where! It’s like, “Hmmm, that’s not coming from the bar… Where is it coming from?” And the answer is “who knows?!” Neighbors? Another bar? A store? I don’t know, because there’s stuff everywhere and I love that.

I also have been home while a protest marched through the streets. There’s always something happening in Times Square.

I truly love the walk home because I get to pass all these tourists in Times Square. Sometimes I see people struggling to get a great selfie, so I offer to take the picture for them. (That’s gonna be in the opening sequence of my sitcom…. It’s really fun in real life though.)

It’s also fun because once I came home at just the right time to maneuver around this crowd of people. When I asked what they were waiting for, it was to get their playbills signed! I figured. But it was just so funny to be like, “Oh yeah. I’m here right by a stage door. This is too cool.”

The crowds. The lights. The noise. The tourists. I live for all of this! I have dreamed of all this for so so long. And now I get to live it everyday.

It. is. too. cool!

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