What’s The Move-In Process Like In Times Square?

December 12, 2016

Funnier than I imagined it to be. That’s for sure!

I was very lucky to have some friends reeeeeally help with my move-in. (And it’s awesome that the storage place I used let’s you use a free storage taxi, which has been wildly helpful.)

But once we got a huge van of stuff to my apartment, it became almost like playing frogger. There were so many people walking down the street that it became this game of dodging and weaving. And what was really funny was people’s looks as we moved furniture into this non-descript door tucked away like, “Wait! Somebody lives there?! There are apartments there?!”

I found that to be so funny.

Also, my goodness, the traffic (obviously) is terrible.

And there are all these rules about not being able to turn left in certain places (even if you’re turning from a one-way street to another one-way street).

Things seem to settle down a little in the middle of the night… I think the traffic would be easier to maneuver around 3 in the morning… Traipsing stuff upstairs and into your apartment at 3am though… I’m not 100% sure how that would go over with your neighbors.

Granted, it’s Times Square. It’s basically never quiet. So, it actually might not go all that poorly. Even still, I try to abide at least somewhat by normal neighbor rules.

Thankfully on the nights I’ve had big furniture moves, the streets have been open. But there was one night where I came back with 3 semi-heavy boxes… They were just big enough and just heavy enough that it was the most I could’ve carried down the street alone… I didn’t think I would have to – that’s why I paid for an uber to drive me some tiny distance like a mile… But with some street closures, I had to make it down the street carrying the boxes at once.

(And I couldn’t maneuver anything else. So, some stranger in Times Square closed the car trunk for me. Thank you!)

So, basically, it has been interesting to say the least. And wonderful to say a bit more.

I love it there…

Yet again (just like last year), a slow move-in is happening… Not one as slow as moving from California without a place for live for the first 3 weeks. But slow, still…

The way the storage unit worked was that I needed to commit to three months, so I have it ’til the end of December no matter what. And with starting a new job (and trying to cram all my stuff into a tinier apartment than I had before), I’m taking my time… Doing a little more each weekend (and on the days when I have time to do things after work).

So, yeah. There you have it.

Where do I get groceries and stuff? (And any other questions you may have?)

That’ll be its own post in itself. Remind me to post it if I don’t – and also, please ask any questions you have that I’m not thinking of. xoxox.

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