I’m Obsessed With The Austin JW Marriott And Their Spa! (October 22, 2016)

Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

aurora-at-the-jw-marriott-spaMy skin feels amazing.

I stayed in Austin this week (that week in October when I wrote this). And I ended up getting to stay the JW Marriott for a night (last night) and I am totally obsessed.

It’s within walking distance from a bunch of the Austin stuff you need – “bat bridge,” State Capitol, Austin Visitor Center/duck tour, etc.

And I had a sweet corner room on a high up floor. It had a gorgeous view, and I felt like I was on top of the world!

I had a rejuvenation facial in their spa, and goodness does my face feel rejuvenated! Come feel my face! It’s so soft!

And everyone there is so *nice*!

(In fact, I got this pedicure that was supposed to come with an alcoholic drink. And I was like, “I don’t really drink alcohol for the most part, you guys can have it.” And instead, the woman who booked my appointment (Amy, the angel) was like, “Well, do you like fruit smoothies?” And I said, “They’re one of my favorite things on this planet!”

And then she got me one.

I don’t know that I’ve ever felt more pampered than at that spa.

Also, they have pecans. (And cinnamon-covered pecanss as well!)

The fitness center is dope. The machines are great. (I watched The Price is Right while I worked out in the morning.)

Apparently, even though there are JW Marriotts with spas, this is one of only two official “Spa JWs” in America (and one of only 4 in the world). And it was dope.

I want to come back to Austin for like a month – spa up, blog up, and get some more sightseeing in too!

Oh, and I had chocolate chip pancakes in bed. (Oh yeah, I splurged! (Roooom service, baby!)) And those pancakes were amazing. (They’re even more amazing if you ask for extra chocolate chips… And if you watch Rachel Maddow in bed. I love MSNBC!)

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