The Austin Duck Tour! (October 21, 2016)

December 14, 2016

When I asked around what were the most fun things to do in Austin, practically everybody said I should take a duck tour. So, I made my way over on my last day there, and got to it!

Dell had given a bunch of employees a half day so they could all do this fun work thing together. So, I was one of the only few non-Dell people there.

Our tour guide was really fun! We all got these duck quacker things to wear that made noise. And our driver would have us quack at various people on the street.

I learned all this fun stuff about Austin and Texas, but now that I’ve waited months to tell you about it, I’ve kiiiinda forgotten a lot. (I’m so sorry.)

But it was a fun ride around the city!

On the water, our guide asked if it was anyone’s birthday. And no one piped up… Any anniversaries? Nothing. Any celebrations? He started looking for any reason that made that day special. Everyone was still quiet… So, I said, “Well, I lost my job!”

And he let me captain the boat. I drove it in the water. And everyone sang, “Happy unemployment to you” (to the tune of Happy Birthday).

So, I guess this is what I’m doing now – my unemployment tour, or steering boats, or something… who knows!

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