Some Odds and Ends From Austin

December 15, 2016

My favorite experience there actually had nothing really to do with Austin specifically…

I was walking along this Bat Bridge. (It’s informally known as the bat bridge because of all the bats that fly from beneath it every night… But it’s just a normal bridge with cars and people.)

A man was sitting down and I asked him as I passed by if he remembered the name of this bridge. Then we broke out into conversation while we waited for his workout partner to get there.

And then when his workout partner got there, we all just sat together on this random bridge and talked until it was time to leave for the presidential debates. (And one of my new friends even drove me to Craft!)

Speaking of the bat bridge, I did go one night. (Apparently, it’s one of the super main biggest things to do in Austin.) But, I was there at the end of bat season, so I didn’t see the big wall of bats people talk about. I suppose I’ll just have to go in the summer!

I stayed at a couple different hotels (based on what was cheapest, ’cause I was out there for a while). And they were all fantastic! I started at the Residence Inn, and I was gonna write all about how it was the greatest… And then every place kept being great. (But the Residence Inn was dope indeed.)

I also went on a long walk at night through Austin, and came upon their City Hall. It is beautiful. It’s so interestingly built and it has outdoor seating you can walk to from steps on the outside – that are open 24/7. I kinda feel like if I lived there, I would always want to work at City Hall. But who knows!

I also stopped by the Visitor Center – both by the convention center (where I got tickets to the duck tour), and the one for the State Capitol. They both were awesome and had so much info. And the one at the Capitol lets you walk around through some interactive stuff and learn a little more about Texas State history.

And I will get to the Capitol itself two days from now!

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