My Sincerest Apology To California

December 19, 2016

While we’re on the subject of California (my home and my heart), I would like to offer an apology.

As you’ve heard (if you’ve met me haha, or read a number of entries in my blog), I used to make fun of California (kind of a lot). And I was about 93% serious and 7% joking when I called quotes the “so long, stinktown!” line from The Simpsons.

And I’m not saying I’m not still gonna poke fun at it. We are silly in various ways out here. (And the traffic is a little ridiculous.) [Etc. etc. various California stereotypes. You know what’s up.]

But I love it now! My attitude is SO different. And I know that’s because something awful happened in New York. So, it sucks that I came to finally see the greener grass or whatever only after a traumatic event. But I *do* see it!

I find delight in our palm trees with Christmas decorations, and our days that are always sunny. I LOVE the friendly people! I used to think it felt “fake,” and who knows, maybe it is. But it feels real, and it’s lovely and I love it.

I’m fully on board for the kale smoothies and the vegan decadence.

I’m even here for the cool laid back attitudes. It used to annoy me when I first got here. I wasn’t used to it. But quite honestly we’re often getting the same amount of stuff done here. We’re just gonna live longer with our low blood pressure and paddleboard yoga!

Sometime in the last 6 or so years, I became a California girl and I didn’t even realize it or feel it happen.

But now I’m just embracing, “oh yeah. This is totally me.”

So, might I still tell a joke sometimes about Kale-ifornia. Because, well, we do fit into a lot of California stereotypes here. And it can be fun to embrace that… but my *attitude* is so different now! My jokes are told with love my home, not the hope to escape somewhere else.

(And I’ll probably do less of them.)

So, hopefully my newfound look at California comes across in my attitude. And if it ever doesn’t from this point fowrard, feel free to call me out.

It was SO lame that it took me so long to get on the California bandwagon. But I’m on it so hard now! 👧🏻🎉

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