Another… ANOTHER Simpsons Table Read? You Betcha! (November 3, 2016)

December 20, 2016

I mean, goodness. At this point. Shouldn’t they just hire me? 😉

On this trip to California, I was lucky enough to get to go yet again!

I won’t re-trace all the things I’ve said before. So, I’ll try to only say things specific to this day.

For one, this episode is SO good. I know that applies to all days. But specifically this episode is not only good, but so timely with all things Donald Trump. I can’t give anything away. I’ll just say Yay, ladies! (Granted, The Simpsons always respects the ladies. After all, Lisa Simpson is my role model.)

Anyway, the episode was great. And at the end, Nancy Cartwright hung around and signed scripts! That was super nice of her.

After the read, I went to the commissary area. I always say I’m gonna go in the commissary and I never do. But today I did.

First, I met two people int he gift shop next door. As I was talking, I said I’d been to a read before. And when I talked, the woman said, “Oh, funny. I read a similar story in a blog.” And I was like… “Aurora’s Blog?”

She’d read my blog! Which I thought was so funny and serendipitous.

Then onto the food. I met this woman working in the commissary who was super nice and told me about history on the lot and the fancy restaurant just to the other side that anybody can go to. Apparently a bunch of execs eat there. Sounds cool. But alas, I did not sit alone in the fancy place on the lot where I didn’t work. I’ll try to fit in and make new friends and all, but that seemed a bit on another level for the day.

Soon enough, I went back home and took a nap. I needed to be up early again for the next day – to go to a Bob’s Burgers table read!

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