Bob’s Burger’s Table Read

December 22, 2016

I’m I’m totally going to compare this to a Simpsons table read, because I have no other frame of reference for animation table table reads. (Sorry.)

When you go a Simpsons read, you go on to a big lot and walk by stages and such for other shows. When you go to the Bob’s Burger’s read, it’s just at a building that’s all completely for Bob’s Burgers. Their animators, sound people, everybody – the whole shebang – seems to be hanging out in that building.

Also, at The Simpsons, they totally have an assortment of bagels and fruit and donuts. And I was really impressed by it. But at Bob’s Burgers, they have breakfast burritos! Hot food, what?!
(And they have the other stuff too.)

At The Simpsons, the cast and writers all sit around a gigantic oval table in the middle of the room, surrounded by the crowd.

At the Bob’s Burger’s read, everyone sits facing the same way at a large rectangular table – out toward the audience. And they all have name cards in front of them.

The Simpsons read just starts. If I remember correctly, I think it’s usually Al Jean who just starts with the title or stage directions or something.

In the Bob’s Burgers read, the EP gets the energy going! He introduces the whole cast like they’re a basketball team. “And playing such and such, we’ve got [name putting in extra syllables because of all the emphasis]”

Random note I wouldn’t have known/though of otherwise: The person who’s Tina has to use a microphone because of all that super quiet ambivalent-sounding voice stuff they do.

The read was so fun. Lots of energy and laughter in the room. It was a great time. And then the sound supervisor took me and my friend around to see the edit suites and a room where stuff could be recorded and all of that jazz.

It looks like a really fun place to work, and I was so happy to get to hang out there for a day!

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