I. Have. Traveled. So. Much. This. Week. (November 14, 2016)

December 24, 2016

I guess technically, I didn’t have to fly so much, but goodness, did I.

I started the week in California. Then on election day, I flew to Ohio to knock on doors for Hillary Clinton. Then on election night, I flew to New York to be close the Javits Center. On Wednesday, I was about to go to the airport, when I got the news I could hang with Cory Booker. So, I called and changed my flight. And on Thursday, I went to Jersey to see Cory. Then I got on a flight (back in New York), and flew to Ohio to get the perfect dress for the Marine Ball.

I was having such a hard time finding a dress… I’m sure I could’ve found a place in New York or New Jersey to buy one, but I had to pick up some stuff from my parent’s house anyway. Plus, there was a perfect dress place there. Then Friday morning, I flew to San Diego for the Marine Ball that night.

I Marine ball’d it up and had a fantastic time. And then Saturday I flew to Boston. Sunday I did the Spartan Sprint in Fenway Park. Then, I bussed down to New York where I started a long stint at work on Monday.

Oof! It just felt like a lot of flights and buses and such and a lot to keep straight… It felt like the time I was first moving to New York haha

And I just thought I’d share! 🙂

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