2016 in Review (By The Month)

December 28, 2016

Aurora De Lucia at her makeshift standing desk in her edit bay of The Nightly ShowWelp, here we are again. Time for another year in review. For a visual reputation, you can head on over to the Facebook album.

I feel like every year, I’m like, “Eh, I don’t know if broken up by months is the way to go… And then every year I do it anyway. So, without further ado –

January – I got booked for my first stand up show! I got 5 minutes as a real comedienne as part of the warm up comics for a bigger comedian’s full set.

February – I edited my first episode of The Nightly Show!!! It is almost beyond getting across how amazing that was.

February (bonus) – I got to sit in on rehearsals for a Broadway musical (because of my amazing high school theater teacher!)… (spoiler alert: It was pretty much like rehearsals for anything else – just on Broadway. Still cool as all get out though to watch Adam Pascal sing!)

March – I *officially* became an editor at The Nightly Show! The raise, the office, the credit in the show. It is legitimately one of the best things to ever, every happen to me.

April – I did my first stair climb! I know I love athletic events. And I always talked about doing one. But this year, I finally did.
Also, as April bonuses, for one thing, I played in the Daily Show vs Nightly Show soccer game. I’d always heard about Daily Show vs. Colbert Report stuff and thought it must just be so amazing working on those shows and getting to have that friendly rivalry. Then I grew up and got to be a part of it!Also, this is where I chose to mention volunteer work… I didn’t do as much as I wish I did, for sure. But I got more than a few events in this year. So, at least it was something…

May – I finished my 52 performances in 52 weeks! My goodness this year has bee so crazy and ever-changing, I almost completely forgot that was a 2016 thing – and yet it was only half a year ago.

June – My birthday month! Every year, I do something I’ve never done before. This year, I flew a helicopter (with an instructor and one of my best friends in the world)! It was pretty dope and everybody lived.
Bonus – I went huge this year for birthday shenanigans. I met all the animals in San Diego. I swam with a dolphin. A whale gave me a kiss. I fed a rhinoceros. And on and on. Aaaand I went to Legoland on a VIP tour and it was incredible. It was a super great (though super extravagant) trip.

July – I went to Philadelphia on a whim to be as close as possible to the place where Hillary was accepting her nomination. I waited so many years for this moment. I just wanted to be there… And I ended up (through the magic of twitter!) getting tickets to the DNC afterparty (what?!). And I saw Snoop Dogg from the front row!

August – I lost the best job I ever had. (But at least I got a sweet selfie with my boss’ boss – Jon Stewart! I guess you really can meet your heroes ’cause he was incredible.)

September – With The Nightly Show canceled, I booked a little work on Dancing with the Stars for the week they were in New York, and I had a really grand time!

October – I sang the National Anthem at two different half marathons with crowds averaging over 10,000 people. (And in December, I sang for a crowd of over 30,000! 🙂
Bonus – I got another semi-long term editing job. So, that’s pretty sweet.
Another bonus: Every year I run Rock ‘n’ Roll LA as an inspiring woman. This year – Hillary Clinton, of course.

November – I voted for (and knocked doors and made calls for and donated to) Hillary Clinton. I know we lost, but I take at least a tiny bit of solace in the fact that I was on the correct side of history. (Yep. I’m callin’ it!)
Bonus: I moved into me new TIMES SQUARE apartment! I’ve dreamed of living in the Center of the Universe since I was such a small girl. And it finally happened!

December – Ran my yearly marathon in a different state. I said that every year I’d run a marathon, and I have kept to it (since 2012)! This year it was in San Antonio, Texas… And I did the challenge where I also did the 10k the day before. *high 5*

That covers it by months. Let’s do more of a re-cap tomorrow.

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