The New Year’s Cleanup!

January 1, 2017

street-cleanup-in-times-squareIt probably should’ve dawned on my that Times Square would take a whole lot of cleanup – but I don’t think I realized how much cleanup.

I went to view the ball at 3am, to be in Times Square snapchatting my friends in California during New Year their time.

And there was a crane taking down a stage and all right there around my intersection were 3 people with leaf-blowers and two street-sweeping vehicles.

I could still hear the sweet-sweepers going down my street at 7am.

Also, that photo of the street above is from a full day later. This is taken deep into the night of the first/morning of the second.

In addition, it’s funny if you look up, there is confetti lining the bottom of the balcony of the Marriott Marquis (in the same way salt would line a glass of some drink). A safety officer in Times Square told me that confetti will randomly fall for months – a little here, a little there in certain winds.

He also told me that’s where some people stood to drop the confetti. I don’t know where I thought confetti came from, but I didn’t realize it was people hurling it out from roofs/balconies around Times Square. I guess I thought there was one big machine or something.

Anyway, I don’t have much else to say. I guess just, even with a huge crew working all hours, this cleanup takes a whiiiile. (There’s still plenty of confetti in the entryway to my building.

And the party don’t stop!

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