Making Friends With Tourists!

January 8, 2017

This weekend was so weird and awesome.

My phone is crazy super broken and I took it to a place which is keeping it over the weekend. So, I’ve been surviving without my phone…

Which meant that instead of mobile depositing my check I got Friday, I walked down to the ATM to do it.

On my way there (around probably 1am-ish Friday night/Saturday morning), I passed 3 nice looking guys on the street.

I gave them a smile or whatever, and we passed each other. Then, they said something like, “Hey girl hey! And I turned around and smiled and they were still looking at me. So, I yelled out, “Are you tourists, or from here?” And they said tourists.

So, I walked over to them. And we became fast friends. They walked me to the ATM. Then, we went out to eat and drink together and stayed out until 4am when the Times Square bar closed.

They asked if I wanted to hang out with them the next day after their Broadway matinee.

Do I?!

It was so funny – it was like the tourists were my tour guide 🙂

They told me about this place – Basta Pasta where they serve you pasta out of this gigantic cheese wheel. We went and it was glorious.

Then, we just kept hopping all around the city.

Wall Street Bull? We went there. We went to some secret bar I’d never heard of. (It’s not even secret in the slightest. I just don’t know anything about bars. Apparently, it was listed as one of the best bars in the country. Dead Rabbit. It. was. dope.)

And I was actually super happy that I didn’t have my phone… We jumped any hurdles pretty easily about finding each other when I didn’t have my phone. And I felt more present with then than when I have my phone to check every time a night gets a tiny bit quiet.

I ended up hanging out with them all Saturday night and we even had brunch on Sunday.

It was such a sweet, wonderful, random, perfect weekend with lovely new friends! (Yay!)

Also, just a random little side note here. One of my friends told me that now I lived in Times Square, I could make brand new friends every weekend and have tons of adventures with new people… I wasn’t purposefully trying to start that train. But bam! He was right. Times Square kinda seems like maybe the place to be.

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