Weirdly, I Wasn’t Even Supposed To Be In New York This Weekend – And It was SO Fun To Be Here

January 9, 2017

One thing that’s funny to me is that I wasn’t even supposed to be here this weekend. I was gonna go back to Los Angeles. I’m a legacy runner at The New Year’s Race. Last year, they had a 19 mile option (half and 10k).

This year, because of construction, they only had a 10k & 5k option… I would’ve still been willing to do it. Originally, I thought I was gonna have the whole week off. So, I’d have a chance to see friends and go to the dentist, and do all that stuff that makes going to LA super worth the trip…

But then thankfully, I kept getting extended at work. So, before you knew it, I was only gonna be in LA I think, basically 24 hours. I was barely gonna get to see anybody. And flying all the way across the country just to do a 9-mile race started to seem so silly.

Of course I would’ve loved to have seen as many people as I can… But it just didn’t make sense. If it were a race I loved and adored – if it were the SF Marathon (of which I do an event every year, because that race is my favorite), I would’ve figured out a way

…But to do it just because of stubbornness, or guilt, or whatever it is that made me so worried about losing my legacy status… I was like, “I just have to start letting some of these LA things go. It was great while I was there full-time. I will absolutely hang on to Rock ‘n’ Roll LA for as long as possible…. But this one’s gotta go now.”

Also, it’s so weird how life works out in the sense that this time around, a lot of my friends were super busy, or sick, or out-of-town, etc. – so I wouldn’t have had a super fruitful trip to LA. AND I heard from some people who did the race and apparently it wasn’t anything to write home about. (Sorry. Not trying to hate on the run.)

I’m just saying, from everything I can tell, I really didn’t miss anything at all by not going. (Of course, who knows. I might’ve had the adventure of a lifetime. We don’t know.)

But the point is, it’s amazing how different the same situation can be. In that, this weekend, I was supposed to go to LA and didn’t, and I had an increeeedible adventure that I loved so much. It was awesome that I did not go to LA.

But last year, in this wintertime, there was a weekend I was supposed to go to LA and didn’t, and that was the beginning of something really terrible (and pretty horrific) that happened to me…

And I ask all the time, “Why didn’t I just go to LA like I planned?” (Even though there were totally valid reasons not to.) But it’s just so interesting to me that I’ve asked that question so many times. And yet, here I am a year later and the same premise happened, but the result was amazing.

You just never know what’s gonna happen…

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