Oh My Gosh; I Had A Huge Bite Of Meat!

January 10, 2017


So, it’s been years since I’ve had meat… And when I first became a vegetarian, it was on a challenge basis. So, I imagined “meat day” after the challenge was over, when I would go on a tour of all my favorite meats and eat them all. (Yum!)

And then I got further and further away and never did it. And it started to seem less and less appealing and important.

Well, as I mentioned, over this insane (lovely) weekend, I went out with these strangers. We ended up at a bar and one of the guys bought this ginormous hamburger.

And the place was partially known for having amazing food. And the guys were all talking about how wonderful the food was. So, I was like, “Am I gonna do this, man? Am I gonna have meat?!”

And then I did.

The guys were wonderful. The ambiance was wonderful. The night was wonderful.
Tasting meat was kind of icky.

(I know! I’m sorry. I don’t wanna be one of “those vegetarians” haha)

I mean, eat your meat, meat-eaters. Eat your meat, enjoy your meat. I’m not here to judge you at all…

But for me, I’ve totally lost my taste for meat. It was like, “Ew. This is what meat tastes like? …I can tell from the thick juicy look of it, and the fact the guys are loving it that I would’ve loved this back in my meat-eating days… But alas. Now it just tastes so weird. And I could totally feel it – in the sense that if there was a little at all anywhere in my mouth between my back teeth, I felt every tiny piece of it.

It felt like it took 1,000 years to eat every last particle of that bite…

But I did it. I tried meat again to see if I was “missing” something and if it would be love at re-first bite… And I don’t think “meat day” is coming any time soon!

2 thoughts on “Oh My Gosh; I Had A Huge Bite Of Meat!”

  1. At least the story has a happy(ish) ending. It took me about 6 months being veg from meat to go from “Crap I want it.” to “meh” to “eeew.”

    An a tangent, it’s why I suspect that cruelty-free lab-grown meat will be a commercial flop until it gets cheaper than regular meat. People who care already are veg*n, and most who are have totally lost the desire for it.

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