Welp, The First Marathon Of The 882 Project Was Cancelled… – Part 1 (Trying To Get Out Of DC)

Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

Clearwater cancellationSo, the women’s march was insanely ridiculously unbelievably crowded. And it was really hard to weave our way through the crowd back to Fareed’s house – but we did.

I basically had enough time to pee and grab my bag and get out – because I had to catch my flight.

By the time we got back to his place, there was basically no room for error.

Taking public transport was gonna take too long. Phones weren’t working quite as well, I think, because of the incredible amount of people overrunning DC all using their phones at once.

So, I couldn’t even get my uber app to open. So, I tried Lyft. And because of the giant(!) (GIANT!) surge prices, it was going to be $200(!) to get to the airport.

It was going to cost me more to get to the airport than it was to fly from DC to Tampa. (Eeesh.)

But at that point, I really had no other options. It was very cute because Fareed and friends went into overdrive googling and trying other apps, seeing if we could call a cab, all of that. And we couldn’t get ahold of a cab company. It was too late for a Super Shuttle. I was out of options.

And at that point, even though I did not want to spend that money, I’d already registered for the marathon, and booked the hotel, and bought some plane tickets.

Actually, because it was a pretty inexpensive trip (and my outbound plane ticket could be changed, because it was Southwest…), and because I knew I had room in the schedule for other races later… I almost just gave up and stayed in DC and called it a day.

But no.

I didn’t want my second race weekend into the project to be me procrastinating. I know how hard this year is gonna be. And this is a full marathon. So, I need to get these miles in…


I get to the airport just baaaaaaarely in time. In fact, not even in time. Because I feel like a total jerk weaving through all these lovely people in pink hats at security. “Hi! I’m so sorry! It was so hard getting through the march. I have 25 minutes ’til my plane leaves. Could I pretty please cut?” And everyone was so so so sweet about it. (Of course everyone was in a fantastic giving mood after such a lovely heartening day.)

And I know that I always let the people in a rush go through. I know it’s not the end of the world, but I still felt bad doing it. But I did. Because I had to. And thankfully people allowed it.

And I made it in time.

Then I got on the plane.

And there happened to be a woman on my flight who was already sitting (which I was in the backed up line in the aisle) who was doing the race! And she told me she heard a rumor it might have been cancelled.

What?! I wondered. We didn’t really get a chance to go into it because the line started moving and I moved forward away from her seat.

So, I checked my emails to see if I’d been alerted. Nope. Checked the official race website to see if there was any notice on that. Nope. I even gave twitter a quick check. Nothing there either.

Okay then. Well, it’s almost certainly not cancelled then, right?

I know sometimes rumors get slightly out of hand and spread a little. And runners can get nervous sometimes. (After all, we train and pay to do these races, and make plans that surround them, and tell our friends and families.)… So, anything that threatens the weekend we had planned doesn’t feel so super great.

So, I think a rumor has just spread. But it’s gotta be fine…

And this is where I’ll pick up tomorrow.

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