Welp, The First Marathon Of The 882 Project Was Cancelled… – Part 4 (Oh, And One Last Fighty Thing)

Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

I’m sorry to get so worked up about arguing and social media here. But they did one more Facebook post.

One of the things said in there is: “Soon after, I started seeing posts on Facebook wondering why they hadn’t received email notification earlier, as if to suggest we were hiding from our athletes, or not being open to them in making our announcements. Some complained right here on Facebook that the “only” word they heard was through Facebook, leaving me to wonder, “wasn’t that enough?””

I don’t want to act like the whole world revolves around me, but I feel a little bit like I’m being sub-Facebooked there… And if I happen to be in the group of people he’s talking about, I certainly wasn’t meaning to suggest he was hiding anything. I’m just saying, I feel like I’m allowed to be upset that an email and website update wasn’t done in a timely fashion.

And the whole “if they’re saying it on Facebook, then they’re reading Facebook” thing… I can’t speak for everyone else, but I was on Facebook because I’d already checked my email and the website and twitter. And heard nothing. And when someone who worked for the hotel and a runner in the lobby said the race was cancelled, I went to one of the only sources I had left. And in answer to the question, no. Of course Facebook isn’t enough. You can’t assume people are on FB all the time, or even that they will see all of their notifications. You can’t assume everyone even has FB. (Someone in my hotel didn’t.)

Just, this idea that there were so many runners to deal with that they didn’t have time for the email… It just makes me think, “You’re not dealing with the real underlying problem that will help you not have people confused over and over…. If you had a big cut in your arm and blood was pouring down, you wouldn’t constantly keep wiping up the blood that was falling onto your forearm (or kitchen floor or whatever). You’d bandage up the source. You’d stop the bleeding. Then you’d clean up. (Otherwise, where are you getting?)

Also, the other place I feel potentially sub-Facebooked is here. “My only regret in how I handled this difficult situation is that I responded to a small handful of overly negative posts and emails, when I was extremely upset after being called a fraud in an email remark.”

I mean, I know it absolutely might not be about me, of course. But it feels a little like it is since I got such a big response. You read the literal exact screenshots of the exchange. Did I come off as rude? You can tell me if I did.

I wasted hundreds of dollars for no reason. I’m *not* mad at them because the city forced them to cancel their race. Their hands were tied. How could I be mad about that? I’m mad that they had information for over 9 hours the day before the race without sending an email about it (the easiest way to make sure everyone would know). I’m upset that my flight didn’t leave until after 6pm. There was ample time for me to find out and not have to go. (And I was not the only person with a story like this.)

And I believe I have a legitimate right to be made about that. But again, please tell me if you think I’m being unreasonable.

I just personally don’t think it has to be an “us against our mean customers” thing. Just an apology for mishandling the situation would’ve made me feel approximately 1,000 times better than just continuing to defend something that could’ve been done better.

And then there’s a big string of contents just totally defending this place. It is totally taking way too much self control (which might not last forever) to not go on there and trying to give a piece of my mind – especially to the person who said, “In this day and age who would register and not follow your social media? It happens!! Get over it! Hurricane Matthew caused cancellation of vero beach in Oct. we are alive…we will live to run again!

Because I just want to explain, “We’re not upset about the weather! We’re upset about ruined weekends and lost money – that didn’t have to be lost. That’s the big part. Had the race found out at 9pm, and we were all already there. Okay. What else could they have done? But that wasn’t the case. They knew for more than a full workday and couldn’t write an email…

I also think it’s such a silly thing to say, “Who would register and not follow your social media”? Um, lots of people. Think of all the people who do over 100 races in a year. Do you think they follow every race? Do you think even if they do that they get every notification? What, people are supposed to live on Facebook? That’s what twitter’s for. 😉

And so I’m trying not to go respond on Facebook because I know it probably won’t lead to anything good or people so staunch in their “Facbeook was enough!” view to see things a different way… But then if I only talk about it here, am I now the one sub-blogging, I suppose?

Aye aye aye aye aye.

Also, I do just want to throw one little note in here that as much as I’m annoyed that I don’t feel like I’m hearing the “voice of reason” or whatever in the comments of that thread, I still am happy the race has people to back them up. I mean, I’d love some admission they could’ve done better. But I am happy the people who run it seem to have a strong support system in the middle of them feeling attacked (whether we meant to “attack” them or not).

Anyway, if you have opinions on this, I’d love to hear. And if not, that’s cool too! Have a great night! The end 🙂

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