Ft. Lauderdale A1 Half Marathon

February 19, 2017

Oh goodness, goodness gracious.

This was crazy.

So, I did Divas Temecula the day before this one. And then I got on a plane and flew to Florida and right when the plane landed, I was booking it out to my uber.

Thankfully the race was small enough that there wasn’t craaaazy traffic trying to get there. My uber driver was able to get my really close pretty quickly.

I checked my bag, and tried to use the bathroom, but all the lines were so long I figured I’d do it somewhere along the course.

And I semi-narrowly made it to another half marathon on the opposite side of the coast (going the “wrong” way time-wise (or at least the less helpful way to me).

I didn’t stretch at all. (I made basically this *exact* same mistake 5(!) years ago after I got off a long bus ride from Florida to Louisiana. Back then I was like, “Don’t ever forget to stretch before a race if you’ve been in the same seat on public transportation for a while.” And now I’m like, “Stretching? What’s stretching?”

Like, oh my goodness, gracious. Learn a lesson, Aurora.


The time limit on this race was long, because it was the same for the half and the full. So, thankfully I had 6 hours. So, being sore didn’t matter all that much in the grand scheme of things.

One thing that was funny was that very soon after we all took off for this race, we got stopped at train tracks that just took foreeeeeever. (I mean, obviously not literally forever, because I’m not writing you from the train tracks now.) But it took a reeeeally long time – long enough that the person in charge of the race walked down the street and announced that we all should come back to the start, and they’d re-start the race so people weren’t losing so much time!

That was sweet of them.

Also, look! A sweet, sweet chance to use one of the million port-o-potties down there. I wanted to pee at the airport, but I’d been too afraid of time constraints and missing the race. But finally, there was room. The lines were not crazy. I was safely at the race. But alas, now they were all out of toilet paper. Eep!

Aaaanyway, soon enough I made it to a Starbucks where I totally used the bathroom (and bought something small – I’m not about to be ruuude, if I can help it).

The sunrise and palm trees were gorgeous, as per usual. (When are palm trees not gorgeous?)

I slowly (slooooowly) made my way around.

I was the last person to cross the turnaround timing mat for the half. “Look who it is! We’ve been waiting for you!” (They were nice and silly and we had fun.) I felt bad and apologized to the people manning it, being totally sorry they had to wait for me. But they were soooo nice about it. “Hey, we’re here for you! No worries!”

And slooooowly but surely, I made it to the end.

The medal was great and I got a long massage. One of my ankles was really really stiff and not moving like my other one. That’s probably not good, but here’s hoping it clears up soon enough.

Then I hung on the beach for a small bit ’cause it was beautiful and yay, sand and all that.

And then, boom, I was off to sleeeeeeeeeeeeep.

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