#Tex2Mex Challenge (Part 1 – Let’s Go To Mexico!!!)

Tuesday, March 21st, 2017

Aurora on the plane to MexicoPicking up from yesterday –

So, the Dallas race was over. I had found my uber driver even in the craziness of tents and trucks and everything that is the remains of a half marathon.

And I’m like, “Hey, new friend! I need to get to the airport liiiiike as fast as we can go.”

And we take off and he tells me we need to get gas… Of course.

I’m all, “Isn’t there aaaaany way that maybe just maybe you could get gas after the airport?”

But no. He’s not confident we can make it to the airport with the gas we have.

So, he stops off for a super quick trip. I felt bad that he didn’t even have time to fill the tank, but appreciative that he only got what he needed since we were on a time crunch.

I ate some food in the backseat and took a couple of selfies with my medal, and small talked with Juan (my driver).

Before you know it, I was at the airport. And when I walked in, I might as well have had one of those chorus of angels sound effects play. Because the line for the American Airlines ticket counter was empty.

I go up there and start to hurriedly (scardly (not a real adverb, but I’m using it)) explain, “I keep trying to change a typo of one letter in my last name. Please help me!” And Kim sweetly says, “You’re fine. You’re here. You’ve made it. Take a deep breath. We’re gonna get you on the plane.”


She’s training someone. So, I kind of hear them talking about options of what they do when there’s a misprint on someone’s name. And ultimately, what she does is write a note on my boarding pass to security that it’s off by one letter, but I am Aurora and they should let me through. And she leaves her gate agent number or whatever is it airline employees have. She signs it. And off I go. I’m told I’ll probably get extra screening (like a pat down or a bag check), but whatever. I don’t care.

So, I go to security. They tell me my pass isn’t good there. “How do we know you didn’t just write this yourself?” They won’t get me go through. So, I go back toward the counter.

Kim is either getting off her shift or taking a break or something because I see walking away from the counter. “Kim! They won’t let me through!”

“Oh yes they will!” she says as she comes to escort me.

She comes over to security and a security supervisor is summoned. Everyone is looking at my documents and boarding pass, and finally, I’m allowed through. (Thank you Kim and everybody! …It was especially nice of her to take time to escort me when it seemed like she wasn’t even on the clock anymore.)

So, I get through security. And this is where we’ll pick up tomorrow!

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