Rock ‘n’ Roll Diva’s Chicagoland

April 30, 2017

(Hey there! I have to catch up on all these old race reports. I’m so sorry. Don’t mind me. Doop do doop do do do.)

So, after Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville, a friend drove me up to Chicago. (She was also doing both races.)

I ended up staying up most of the night. As per usual, I’m not really 100% sure what kind of weird sleeping schedule I’m on. So, I was up a lot. I was tired from Nashville. It was raining. And I dropped down to the 5k. But I did meet some amazing women during the 5k who walked with me. So, that was a fun joy.

I also got an extra poncho from someone who had an extra one, which was really kind of them (and a total lifesaver)!

I really don’t think I have much more to say about this race. But I guess brevity is good sometimes. Alrighty then, another 3.1 down!

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