Sightseeing In Manchester! (Part 2 – Museums, Sports, & Food)

Thursday, June 1st, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 7.27.13 PMPicking up from yesterday

Next up on the sightseeing tour, I headed to The People’s History Museum. And it was AMAZING – so inspiring.

It had all this very accepting stuff. There were displays for equality for the LGBT community and for women, and basically you could just see these fights and resulting progress of various marginalized groups and I was ready to march out of there and go join a resistance!

(Well, join it harder. Obviously, we’ve all been in the resistance since Donald Trump was inaugurated.)

Speaking of Donald Trump, it was kind of funny how often people heard that I was American and then asked me some version of, “How could you let Donald Trump be your President?!”

(I don’t know. It will forever be bewildering. But in conclusion, Europe is against him too.)

I wanted to stay at the People’s History Museum all day, but alas, I wanted to run over to the Museum of Science and Industry before it closed.

…And then it turned out to be 100* buildings large.
*5. I believe it was five.

One of them was closed, as there were still a few things in Manchester closed due to the bombing. (But not much! That city was like, “We ain’t sitting down! Come to our museums and fun things!” …A huge soccer game even happened just 2 days after the bombing (a cab driver told me).)

After all the museums and things were closed, I went over to this big open area where people were watching the Manchester Great City Games. There were these sports just in the streets! They’d shut down streets and laid out tracks and things, and I thought that was such an interesting way to show off some elite sports. So, I hung out with the crowd (and had some of the best nachos I’ve ever had at a place called “Home Sweet Home”).

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 7.45.57 PMThen I swung by an outdoor phone booth, because, you know… England, and grabbed a compulsory tourist photo. (I was gonna stay “mandatory,” but I’m using some of my new proper English vocabulary!)

And then I headed to this bar that had opened high up on a hotel. People were touting it as “the skyscraper of Manchester.” I think it had been hyped a bit too much for me. I spent about all of 2 minutes there. The skyline didn’t look, I guess, specific(?) to me…. I don’t know if I don’t recognize the city well enough, or if they don’t have enough tall buildings to make a super recognizable skyline. But instead of feeling like I was getting this amazing view, I just kinda felt like I was in a sort of high up bar. So, okay. Can’t win ’em all, then!

Then, I walked around until it was time to play this crazy interactive game that’s definitely getting its own post in a bit. First, I gotta write about some races! Until next time!

3 thoughts on “Sightseeing In Manchester! (Part 2 – Museums, Sports, & Food)

  1. Kevin

    That’s a cool photo of the “Battle for the Ballot” graphic. Probably it’s too much effort to type, but I wonder about the full context–what the arrows meant, how some of these related to the ballot, did the left-right orientation on the graph have any special meaning, etc. Sounds like a great trip!

    1. Aurora De Lucia Post author

      So, as incredibly cool as it was, I didn’t find it incredibly easy to understand even while there in person, because the top is so high that I thought it was hard to read from the ground floor and then when you go up, it’s hard to read the whole thing. (It’s just super big and kinda far away from you) Like, it’s super cool that it’s giant. But I personally found it hard to really take in/read the whole thing… But I’m sure other smarter people really took the whole thing in. 😛


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