Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Marathon

Sunday, June 4th, 2017

I was very (very) slow. (Shocking, right?) But I made it.

There was this weird kind of – I don’t know how to describe it, exactly, but like a visceral remembering (rememberence?) of last year.

For basically my first hiatus after being assaulted, I came to SF.

And I was *not* doing well. The suffering was in full force. I was not only mentally having a hard time getting out of bed, I also was physically really sick with a fever and on antibiotics and everything.

And I just remembered feeling so crappy in every way during the race last year. And things have changed, but not enough.

The previous year, I cried basically during the whole race. This year, I didn’t cry even nearly as much, but goodness, I cried!

I am so unbelievably sick and tired of not being able to be alone with my thoughts in a way that isn’t harmful or devastating or just – I don’t know exactly what words to use, but awful.

And yes, technically this year, I was able to do double the distance. But it was really slow and mildly painful!

I’m doing better, but I’m not doing great. I’m more functional, but I’m not “Aurora.” I’m not wildly happy. And I’m so sick of suffering through at such very slow speeds.

But anyway, I made it.

I pretty much kinda narrowly escaped the shuttle.

A giant part of the race was on a major highway, so had the shuttle caught me, I would not have had an easy time trying to be stubborn and move to the sidewalk – ’cause there as none.

Thankfully, I never even saw it on the highway. I did see it driving behind us back-of-the packers at the very end. Thankfully, by that point, I was home free!

At the end, I passed the massage tables to go get my heavy medal and marathoner jacket.

This was dumb.

I didn’t even think to ask what the deal with massages was. (They were free and closing soon!)

I was lucky enough to have a VIP wristband from RnR for singing at the 5k, and there are always massages in the VIP area. And there a number of different groups post-RnR races – different charities and things that offer various things (like massages or special tents), so I thought these massages were for somebody else.

I went and got my heavy medal (the gold record as big as my face for doing 10 in a year). They don’t give those to you at European races (something with customs or shipping or whatever?). So, that’s why I got it here instead of Liverpool, for anyone counting along at home and wondering.

Anyway, the medal was so heavy! They are not even kidding when they say “heavy medals.” I put it around my neck and was like “nope!”

Then the VIP tent was closed (of course – what did I expect when I was practically last place?). So, I headed back to the massages just to see what the deal was. But then they were closed! Aye aye aye. Medals could be sent or picked up in the future, but my body was hurting and I’d passed my chance at a massage. Oh well.

I still had a little bit of touristy-time before the airport. It was too late to do a full-on San Diego thing (like the zoo or Sea World or what have you). So I racked my brain. I’ve been here multiple times and I have kind of a running list of things I didn’t hit before. One of which was Richard Walker’s pancake house. I keep hearing about how famous it is, and I’ve never been!

BUT, they were closed! [*cries 1,000 tears into my non-existent pancakes*]

So I made a quick stop by Balboa Park to give kind of an ambiance feeling of San Diego for a few medal pics.

And then it was off to the airport. [I thought I’d stay a few days and check some more things off the list… but alas, I had to go get on a plane and head back earlier than planned, because… I was starting work at The Daily Show!!!

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