So, I’m Working At “The Daily Show” For A Bit!!!!

June 5, 2017

*gaaaaaaah!* 16-year-old me totally and utterly freaks out. So pumped.

I was on a train in Europe on my way to the Brussels airport when I got an email out of nowhere that The Daily Show was looking for someone to fill in for a few weeks and they were talking to my old boss at The Nightly Show, and she recommended me! (*screams internally, externally, screams everywhere*)

I responded immediately, and before I was back on US soil, I’d booked the gig!

I’m sure there will be more to say at some point. For now, though, I’ll just say I’m so into working here! Everybody’s nice (of course). My office is really lovely.

Jordan Klepper is 4,000 feet tall. Like, I never realized watching the show… Is he in the shot alone a lot? Or is everyone always on apple boxes? Or am I just wildly, wildly short? Like, I don’t even know if we could fit in the same photo frame together. (And I didn’t try, as I’m not gonna nerd out like quite *that* much on my very first day here.)

It’s crazy how sometimes dreams just fall from the sky (or through your email while you’re in Europe).

Potentially more on this later. But for now, yay!!!

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