I’m Officially In The Daily Show Family!!!

June 12, 2017

(Just a fun picture I found. Credit: Comedy Central)
(Just a fun picture I found. Credit: Viacom)

Welp, originally they asked if I wanted to work two weeks and hold another two weeks for them.

Then, already, last Wednesday (just my 3rd day in), they started talking about the possibility of full-time.

Thursday, I was told it was gonna happen, everything just needed to be finalized. (And then I had to be quiet about it all weekend!!! *Wide-eyes-unbelievable-face*)

And ta-da! Monday, we finalized the deal. And I’m on the staff as an editor!!!

I can hardly even believe this happened. Like… what?

It was very sweet, even as my supervisor was talking to me about it – telling me she wanted to “welcome me to the family.” I have felt so very welcomed. Apparently, she asked practically everybody here who had even the tiniest bit to do with me, and everybody said to hire me. (So, yeah, I pretty much feel like the belle of the ball!)

It’s a nice group here, and I’m honored and proud to be a part of it.

So, there you have it. The dreams of 16-year-old-me’s heart are coming true, and it is pretty darn amazing!

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