“Oh My Goodness. Is Somebody Watching The Daily Show?”

June 13, 2017

(Just another Daily Show picture :-))
(Just another Daily Show picture :-))

I just wanted to share a very silly semi-embarrassing story that nobody was even around to see, as I was in my office alone… And yet, I’m sharing it with you anyway.

So, that trumpet (at least, I think it’s a trumpet) that kind of announces The Daily Show’s open… It brings like a Pavlovian response from me. I stand a little straighter and my eyes open wider. It’s just so exciting… The Daily Show!!!

I heard that the other day, toward the end of my workday. And I did the thing where I look like a dog you’re asking to play fetch. And I looked back like, “Is someone watching The Daily Show?”

And then I cracked up laughing, because yeah… Obviously. Of course. We are literally making The Daily Show here. I was working on the show all day long.

I think my fan brain and my work brain haven’t totally melded together quite yet. Because it was so surreal, “Oh my gosh! Someone’s gonna play The Daily Show at work!” ….


“Oh my gosh! The Daily Show IS work!”

Anyway, I thought that was funny and I wanted to share!


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