Looks Like We Maaaaaaaaade It!!! (To The Daily Show!)

June 14, 2017

It is kinda funny to be working here now.

Some people recognize me around here because I’ve been around. I saw them at soccer. There’s one person here I texted with multiple times like a while ago (before I got my promotion on The Nightly Show), because it kept seeming like there might be extra assistant editor work to do here on nights or weekends. That particular thing never worked out, but I think she was well aware (partially because of how much I told her ;)) that I wanted to work here!

I saw people here who I met when I came to a taping. And then there are a couple of Nightly Show alums. There’s even one person I met through a friend of a friend and grabbed appetizers with one night because I wanted him basically to know I was alive haha.

I just wanted to get in somehow to TDS. So I was meeting people where I could. And then an opening fell out of the sky. And it was like, “Oh, that girl who wanted to work here is here!”

And it’s so surreal, and it’s so cool. It was always a bit of a pipe dream, but now it’s happening. It’s really really really happening right before our very eyes.

Life is so weird, right?

I guess potentially what I’m learning in life is just keep working and working and working and then keep working even a little longer than everyone else would or does and then it happens…

So, I guess what that means is expect my EGOT somewhere around 2048?

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