Odds & Ends From My First Week At The Daily Show

Thursday, June 15th, 2017
(that cake (Donald Trump's inauguration cake) lives in our lunchroom)

(that cake (Donald Trump’s inauguration cake) lives in our lunchroom)

[It is actually the end of my first week. But I never posted this draft. (Sorry!) So, without further ado, here it is!]

I love it here. Of course, you know that.

So, here are a couple little things that didn’t make it in other posts:

1) On my first day, I couldn’t find out how to turn my computer on!!!

It was so mildly stressful. Seriously. I’m looking all over the room like, “uuuuuuuuuuuh, is this a test? Oh my gosh. What kind of editor are they gonna think I am if I can’t turn. on. a. computer?!

Well, turns out you have to turn my computer on – in another room!

What? Who would’ve ever thought that you turn it on in another room and then work on it in your office? Crazy, right?

Anyway, so that was kinda interesting, and thankfully, a crisis averted.

2) The hallways here are cool. When I worked at Nightly, there was Nightly stuff everywhere (which totally made sense, and is usually what happens with TV shows). And even my room is like that – a bunch of “Aurora” stuff eeeeverywhere. I kind of thought that one day you “grow up,” and you get rid of your Michael Jackson posters (and screensaver, etc.) and you replace it with stuff from your own life. (For me, personally, that was when I worked with his family so they wouldn’t know I was the most giant fan on Earth hahaha. But, nonetheless, I just thought “idol time” or whatever was over. But NO!

Walk down out hallways here. Sure, we have a bunch of Daily Show stuff (of course). But we have all this outside inspiring stuff too – a person standing in front of tanks, John Lennon, Muhammed Ali, MLK Jr., and more. We’ve got the greats inspiring you everyday as you walk down the hall to your office. And I kind of love it. (Kinda super love it.) I’m gonna rethink everything I know about decorating… And I’m gonna love our hallways… (And I’m gonna put some Hillary Clinton stuff up in my office for sure!)

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