Crazy How Right Time/Right Place All This Daily Show Stuff Was

Friday, June 16th, 2017

As has been mentioned approximately 400,000 times on here, I’ve wanted to work for The Daily Show for a long time. And it is crazy and super exciting that I’m here.

But I’m here in a really good place… I have a really good job, doing something I love and am good at, and it just worked out really well.

I got to be the headlines editor at The Nightly Show. And headlines is really kind of a very specific thing. I’m positive that any editor would be capable of doing it, for sure. But there is kind of this second nature you thing you get after doing it for a while about making sure the b-roll doesn’t change in the pad you give the control room, and all these little things.

And I think it really helps to have done this specific kind of editing before. It helps to fit a liiittle more seamlessly into the well-oiled machine they have going here. And I was really lucky because¬†while other types of editors for sure have stronger skills in various things, they may not have caught on as quickly to this specific thing in this specific chair. So, I just feel like I was in the perfect position for this position (and I’m so happy I was!).

And the days are not wildly stressful or anything, but they are pretty fast moving. And while I like to think I caught on pretty quickly at Nightly Show and did well overall, there was a learning curve.

But here, things are going smoother for me… And of course they are. I’m stepping into a job I already did for a while. But it’s just weird how timing works…

How perfect was it that that spot happened to open up at The Nighty Show, and that I had such a glorious boss who believed in me and was so wonderful? And then that that same spot would open up at TDS, and that it would line up so perfectly with the end of my job on a show at TruTV. Like… what? I was basically perfectly set up for this job and it perfectly opened up for me at a very opportune time.

It’s really nice.


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