Pitch Is One Of The Greatest Shows To Have Graced This Earth

June 20, 2017

The Pitch posterHow did I miss this shooooow?!?!?!?!?!?!

Oh my goodness gracious.

I am dead serious when I saw Pitch is one of the greatest shows of all time. And of course it got cancelled, because we are not deserving of this gem on earth.

[This paragraph is just how I found it. If that’s boring to you, skip it!] On the plane, on the way to Seattle… Thank goodness I took American. There was an American flight and JetBlue flight that were the same price and I almost picked JetBlue, because it’s “cooler” or whatever. But JetBlue does not have Pitch (as I learned going through withdrawals on the way home). And American, oh American had it listed in TV shows. I thought, “I’ve never seen that, and I saw so many billboards. Why not try it?” And then, as I got sleepy into the cross-country flight, I didn’t care, because I had to watch more Pitch!
I watched all the episodes they had on board. I watched more during the half marathon Sunday. Then I’ve been watching anytime I have downtime. Am I eating? I’m watching Pitch. Am I brushing my teeth? Oh, I’m watching Pitch. Except now. Now I’m not watching Pitch because it’s over. I’ve finished it. *Cries 1,000 rivers*

I don’t even know where to start to try to explain why I think this is the most amazing show.

First off, I thought it was gonna be more a show aimed at baseball people… And as I’m talking about nothing but Pitch recently, I’ve heard from some baseball fans that they do like it. So, I guess it’s not not for baseball people. But I’m not really a baseball person (though I might be now), and I looooooved it.

In the first episode, a character sets up that Ginny (our lead girl) is like “Hillary Clinton but with sex appeal; like a Kardashian, but with talent.” The general idea is that she’s super strong and smart and sexy (but not tooooo sexy – they make a point of that) and everything. And she’s being thrust into the spotlight, but she super deserves it because of all her hard work.

Also, the music for this show is spectacular.  You better bet that I downloaded music from Black Violin (my new favorite band?), because it makes me feel like I can take on the whole world.

The rest of this post is gonna have SPOILERS. So, if you haven’t seen the show, you should just go watch it. right now. Just do that. Don’t even read my spoilers. It’s not worth it. But if you have seen it (or are reeeeeally sure you’re not gonna (which is a total mistake, in my opinion)), go ahead and read on.

For one thing, our lead heroine didn’t go on EVEN ONE DATE until the second-to-last episode of the season. She didn’t sleep with anyone until the FINAL EPISODE. (Granted, there was a flashback of her dating someone in an earlier episode. But you know, backstory and stuff…)

So, this show was not at all about who she was in the context of a man (except maybe sometimes who she was, I suppose in the context of her relationship with her father). But you know what I mean… It wasn’t about her in a romantic relationship, which I loooved. We were too concerned with how she interacted with her family, her teammates, her business manager/staff/colleagues, her friends, her fans – everyone but a boyfriend. And I loooooved it.

Also, while they did have an almost-moment with her and the catcher, I looooved how super slowly they let it develop. It felt so super real. If you told me the writers had just been writing and the relationship kinda happened to develop throughout the season (rather than them having planned it), I would believe you. It felt that flawless.

And the best part is, they didn’t just shove that storyline forward. (Again, suuuuper super spoiler here). The catcher went back to his ex-wife!!! He went to someone super age appropriate whom he has really deep bonds with. (Also, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, man! He has a big beard and it’s crazy. And he’s so good. And of course, it’d be ridiculous to mention him and not Kylic Bunbury. She’s perfect. And I believe she is Ginny. Oh my gosh! The show is so good, it hurts!)

I hardly even know what to say to tell you the glorious amazingness that is Pitch. (But I do have a little more to say tomorrow.) In the meantime, you can watch Pitch on Hulu. And I’m devastated I didn’t find it time to very loudly be a part of the campaign to save it.

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